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Jul 26, 2009
The USD looks weak on all 7 major pairs.

USD/CHF – strong downtrend, set sell alarm at 0.8875, no support below there

USD/CAD – strong downtrend, set sell alarm at 0.9495, no nearby support

GBP/USD – trend could improve to a strong uptrend , set buy alarm at 1.6425, target potential is 1.6700

EUR/USD – strong uptrend, set buy alarm at 1.4540, potential to 1.5100

AUD/USD – strong intermediate uptrend, new record price in the Asian session with no resistance, may need to wait for a consolidation before a new buy

NZD/USD – this pair is near a short term breakout price, set buy alarm at 0.8005, next resistance 0.8200 but none past there
When the price alarms hit verify any buy entries with The Forex Heatmap ™ and look for USD weakness or cross currency strength or both.

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