Crypto Market Reaches $2 Trillion in Value, XRP on the Rise


Dec 11, 2020
This Monday, the cryptocurrency economy reached an unprecedented market cap of $2 trillion. This happened after a rally in altcoins shifted the overall market. The best performing cryptocurrency for now remains XRP, which jumped nearly 60% up in 7 days.

Recent data by Coinmarketcap showcases that the total value of the crypto industry reached its peak, $2 trillion, on 5th April. XRP is at its highest since May 2018; on April the 5th its price was $0.93.

Bitcoin has a current market cap of around $1.1 trillion, making it still the largest cryptocurrency in the world. Followed by Ethereum, which touched the $2 150 price per coin mark after an increase in institutional and retail demand.

In an unsuspecting turn of events, XRP is now the 6th largest crypto coin after its market value reached $40 billion, more than Litecoin, Uniswap, and Cardano. Reports say that XRP went from $0.55 to $0.93 in 7 days. The current price of the crypto coin is around $0.88.

Meanwhile, Binance Coin recently crossed the $50 billion cap. This happened after the digital currency spiked in 25% within the last 7 days. As of writing this, the coin is trading at $390, with a current market cap of more than $58 billion. As for the digital currencies overall market cap, it stands somewhere on the $1.94 trillion mark.
The market cap only recently passed one trillion, and now is it's over two trillion! The sky is the limit, apparently.