Copy Trade with AximTrade: Trade Like Pros


Apr 6, 2022
Copy Trade with AximTrade allows you to copy top professional traders and benefit from forex experts and successful traders. Copy Trade has been made available for beginner traders and experienced investors to leverage on the expertise of professional traders and copy their trades with an investment amount that suits you.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a strategy through which a trader can copy a professional trader’s positions, either automatically or manually. This trading technique aims to follow professional traders who have a track record you would like to emulate. It is a way to automate your trading strategy.

This way, every time they trade, you can copy their trades in your own trading account.

Copy trading allows traders to monitor and learn from the strategies of successful traders. This technique best suits traders who don’t have time to keep up with the market or still lack the experience to trade profitably on their own.

Who Provides Trading Signals

AximTrade’s Money Managers are a selective list of top and professional traders with rich trading history. Each Money Manager or Service Provider has an individual trading profile with a distinctive strategy and preferred trading instruments.

Benefits of Copy Trade

Benefits of CopyTrading
Copy Trade with AximTrade comes with a package of benefits that include:
(1) You can follow the most profitable traders
(2) You don’t have to be a forex expert
(3) You can learn from top traders
(4) Enjoy fast order execution
(5) Diversify your portfolio
|(6) Experience high-level security for all transactions, data, and investments.