Collective trust management


Aug 26, 2019
Investment proposal for buffer trust management of funds in the financial market.
Average monthly yield 5-10%

(the offer is translated through an online translator)

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The buffer trust. This scheme has a number of key advantages over the classical “individual” control scheme. Such a solution allows to minimize losses, risks, as well as to increase the smoothness of the yield curve and minimize the loss-making months. The scheme is unique and similar approach is an innovation in the market of private trust management.
This scheme is designed to maximize the quality of risk diversification, by dividing the total capital into several parts. In the case of a loss-making month for one of the traders, the rest cover the loss and withdraw the account to a positive value. Just such a solution allows you to eliminate the influence of “household”, force majeure trader, the overall work on account management does not stop.
The scheme of work is based on the means of managing one account, several traders who are not related to each other. Traders work independently, from different points. Account software is divided between traders. The investor does not need to perform additional operations (separation), everything happens automatically through the software developed and created by order. Traders do not have physical access to the account, all work is done through the buffer.

Example: Trading account $90,000
The expense of program is split evenly between traders at 30,000. Each trader works and applies risks based on his account of 30,000.
Trader 1 – earnings per month +12%
Trader 2 – earnings per month -6%
Trader 3 - earnings per month +14%
Total for General account 12% + 14% - 6% / 3 = +6,6%
Total total profit of the account for the month is + 6.6%

The advantages of the buffer management scheme:
- Risk diversification
- Reducing the probability of loss
- Smooth yield curve
- Improving overall management efficiency
- Elimination of the impact of everyday problems on General management (health problems, etc.))

The system and approach is unique and does not have similar offers. Used to control 8 traders(that is, the account will be virtual drive 8 traders, which consequently reduces the risks )

A proposal for trust management:
- Profits are divided 50 to 50% between the investor and the trader, the settlement period is 1 month. (for investors with large capital – conditions are negotiated individually)
- I propose to implement the security of investments by full control over the business on your part (open an account in your name)
- Minimum investment amount from $20,000
- now in the management of 6 investors for $210000

Safeguards your funds:
1. Since trading is collective, not a robot and not a martingale system, then at a risk of 0.5-1% per trade, you are protected from loss of funds.
2. For all investors ready for telephone conversations, ready to tell you more. For investors from Moscow ready for a personal meeting. To discuss all conditions and formalities.
3. I am ready to consider the possibility of signing a contract for the management of funds.
Author – Andrey Voronkov (Moscow, Russia)

+7 929 996 07 07 (only Russian language)
Skype: badsnap
Email: (communication takes place through an online translator)
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Feb 21, 2019
I am really not sure if that is correct working scheme anyway no matter how do you put that in perspective. Who will manage all that ? Simply that person can simply pull out the rest no matter what. How can you compete ? I am not even sure.


Aug 26, 2019
I don't quite understand the point of your question. I am a private Manager, and I represent the product-private trust management, on the investor's accounts, but I work with the team, all negotiations and agreements take place with me. All trading takes place only on accounts opened by the investor. The team was created for only one purpose - maximum diversification of risks.