Choosing the Best Online Forex Course


Apr 6, 2022

Free Online Forex Trading Course

AximTrade offers a multiscale comprehensive online forex course conducted by professional traders to help anyone get easily acquainted with the forex market. The course has been developed on the experiences and knowledge of successful traders. The course consists of three levels that range from basic to advanced trading techniques.

The course is entirely free and provides a lifetime access to learning curriculum. A self-paced learning course, as you can learn based on your favorable schedule. Upon completing the course, it is when you can feel comfortable and ready enough to begin putting your knowledge into action through real trading.

Forex Trading Course

  • Introduction to Forex Trading – This level is dedicated to novice forex traders and is designed to provide the forex with basic and essential knowledge. Starting with defining the market, to basic terms and tools used in trading including leverage and the popular trading platform MT4.
  • Forex Analysis – Now that you know the basics, it is time to move forward for a more detailed phase of forex trading. This level elaborates on the types of market analysis used by professionals; technical and fundamental. You get to know how each is applied to the market so you can choose the analysis that better suits you the best. In addition to an extensive explanation of the most popular indicators and how to use each to perform an accurate price analysis.
  • Forex Strategies – The third level is targeting more advanced trading knowledge, through which a trader will get to know different trading strategies used in the market. Forex strategies are made up of trading signals that trigger buy or sell decisions for a profitable return by going long or short. Strategies can either be based on technical or fundamental market analysis depending on your preferred analytic metrics.

Get Started with Forex Trading

Once you complete the online forex course, you’re ready to make your next move. You will have to search for a reliable forex broker, choose and open a forex account and set a strategy. The following tips will help you get started with forex trading.

  1. Choose a Reliable Forex Broker and Platform: The Forex broker is the intermediary entity between retail traders, like yourself, and the forex market. The broker provides financial services to facilitate the process of buying and selling foreign currencies for retail traders. There are many aspects to consider while choosing the best forex broker including regulatory compliance, currency pairs offered, customer support, and trading platform. Then start comparing account types and choose one that suits your goals as well as your capital and strategy.
  2. Practice on a Demo Account: A Demo account uses virtual money and mimics the real-world trading environment where traders can practice real-world trading functions such as analyzing price movements, testing risk management strategies, understanding spreads, leveraging tools, and placing stop-loss and take-profit orders. If you’re a beginner, then you may need to consider opening a demo account before you risk your own capital. This way you can be more familiar with the trading platform and explore the market without risking any money.
  3. Shift to Live Trading more confidently: It is okay to start with a demo account at first to get to know the platform and learn the basics of trading, but switching to a real account is by far the best. By doing this, you will learn Forex trading, and how to control how you perceive the market, resulting in more profitable trading. Unlike trading with a demo account, live trading triggers a variety of emotions that will change your trading experience. When you start risking real money, you will experience emotions like fear and greed, which will make you a better trader as you learn how to control them.
  4. Follow a Strategy: Understanding the market and making decisions based on your financial objectives will ensure maximum profits and minimum risks. It’s best to decide first what type of trader you are and what are your trading goals. This will help you choose a trading strategy that fits you.
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