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Oct 9, 2013
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Dear Chinese users of the Forum!

I am looking for a native Chinese speaker who can write SEO texts according to the given tasks.

Topic - financial market.

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Jan 2, 2017
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Web Content Writing and Writing Blog Posts With SEO Optimization

Web content writing is a vital talent. once writing web log posts or content for your web site, SEO improvement is simply as vital as content quality. each count! the standard of your online page is crucial to the success of your web site or web log in each of those respects.

Many websites contain very little apart from graphics or photos and surprise why they ne'er get a high ranking on Google - and let's face it; Google is that the place to be! OK, Bing is not dangerous however neither Bing nor Yahoo is within the same category as Google. If you wish to create it on-line, you want to have a minimum of a Page # 2 ranking on Google - at intervals the primary twenty high graded websites.

SEO improvement and Google Ranking

SEO improvement is very important think about your ranking. Google lists individual websites and posts, not entire websites or blogs. each one of your pages or posts should supply smart content to readers. every enhances the opposite, and a web site with one nice page and another ten pages all empty of content would possibly pull that 1st page means down within the rankings.

The reason why article writers, or article ghostwriters ar they're typically known as, ar thus vital is that they'll not solely write nice content for you that's well optimized while not excessive use of keywords, however additionally as a result of they perceive what Google is probing for. a minimum of the most effective of them do!

Those article writers that perceive this can assist you with the overall SEO on your web site additionally to providing you with content that may show your authoritative information of your niche or subject. Google is extremely keen on authority sites, associate degreed if yours does not show an knowledgeable information, then forget a high ranking.

Write Your Own web log Posts and online page

However - and this can be the topic of this text - if they'll write it for you, why can not you are doing it for yourself? If you've got a passion for your subject then that keenness can show through in your writing. What does one believe your readers would prefer?

A. Grammatically correct writing, victimisation associate degree academic-style approach to your topic that presents the facts of the subject in a very sterile however correct and utterly written manner, or:

B. online page or web log posts written by someone that displays a deep passion for his or her subject, despite the fact that the synchronic linguistics can be dodgy and also the writing system perhaps approximately right. you'll be able to see they recognize their topic, however may not be able to write of it victimisation good language?

Personally, I like the latter, though some like the primary possibility. many folks get their hackles raised after they see badly written articles or online page though the message is evident and compelling! thus what is the answer - A or B?

Web Content Writing is for Readers - Not Search Engines

You have probably browse or detected this many times. you ought to write for your readers and not the search engines, however in follow that's approximately true! Your readers would possibly like online page writing that shows passion, even to the extent of ignoring the assorted errors in synchronic linguistics and attainable overuse of keywords.

The reason individuals use keywords an excessive amount of is to induce themselves a high ranking on Google for these keywords. the matter is that Google is smart to the present, and your websites and blogs can suffer if you utilize that approach. programme algorithms, crawlers or spiders, no matter you decision them, can not browse passion - simply character strings.

So - why not use both? Why not write in a very lustful means concerning your subject, however additionally gift it with correct synchronic linguistics and writing system relevant to your target market? online page writing need not be a special talent for several individuals, however if you wish to mix A and B, why not have your own words written in a very compelling however grammatically correct manner that meets the expectations of all of your readers - and potential customers if you've got a product or service to sell?

Writing web log Posts Yourself - or Subcontract It

You can accomplish this in exactly 2 ways: find out how to try and do it yourself, or have someone write it for you. If your mother tongue is not English, then you'll probably have a retardant. it's unfortunate for several that English is that the main language used on-line - unless you're Chinese. If so, even you'll have to be compelled to gift your web site or web log in English if you wish to require advantage of what the whole world offers you in guests, audience and sales.
Jan 2, 2017
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Chinese Twitter! What Copy?
Have you ever detected concerning Twitter? As a Chinese digital trafficker it's not one thing that's obvious unless you scan land language trade magazines or work with Western marketers, all of whom appear addicted to this small blogging application. I initial examine Twitter once doing analysis for associate degree SEO's web log post i used to be doing ... then once reading plenty of West Germanic promoting news concerning Twitter, I found the West had embraced this new promoting "killer app" .. therefore I signed up and got my Twitter account.

At first, it's not as exciting and special as I expected. However, day by day, whereas I learned to share feelings and my favorites (website links or articles) with different Twitter-ers (with the a hundred and forty character limit), and with additional and additional folks following American state and American state following others, i started to fall crazy with this superb very little bird. the facility of speech had began to emerge.

Last Wednesday, after I was introducing Twitter to a colleague and he told American state a couple of Chinese-version of Twitter named FanFou (m&). With my interest aroused, I needed to see this out and perceive what wherever the similarities and variations.

The first impression was that FanFou gave American state was that it absolutely was simply a duplicate of Twitter, same layout, same vogue (just like however I found Xiaonei is that the duplicate of Facebook). My colleague conjointly told American state if i believed the registration steps of FanFou isn't convenient enough, TaoTao is way easier. As long as you have got a QQ id, you'll be able to have a TaoTao account. Then I noninheritable an inventory of Chinese copies of Twitter: Jiwai (ýj), Komoo, Zuosha (Ze)...all which supply Chinese web users a similar fun, nevertheless while not language issues reading the interface.

From a useful facet, small blogging is simply "a kind of multimedia system blogging that permits users to send temporary text updates (say, a hundred and forty or fewer)", one thing unnecessarily vital or logical, and share the "stream of consciousness" with others. i'm wondering whether or not those numerous copies will play any distinctive tricks. As a product of Tencent, on paper TaoTao got additional money and technical supports than FanFou, that is supported by four youth. so I expect TaoTao will offer American state a nice surprise. nonetheless, by now, i have never found obvious benefits or specialties of TaoTao, except that it will build use of QQ's mammoth user cluster. tho' TaoTao has "TaoTao Q-bar" as associate degree inner community, "my holiday" for users to form travel notes, and "my secret" wherever users will keep accounts or something non-public, these further functions looks to undertake to alter a "micro" into a "shrunk" blogging instead of serving to users explore and style the fun of victimisation small blogging; even supposing the first motivation of such "innovation" could be making an attempt to induce obviate being labelled as Twitter's duplicate. If users cannot acknowledge the that means of victimisation small blogging, it's terribly probably that they'll place it aside shortly.

But will small blogging be meaningful? in fact. within the future, it is used for news coverage. once journalists cannot gain the scene wherever news happens at the terribly initial time, particularly accidents, their readers could also be there and may take photos or write a brief report (as a small blogging) then submit it to the newspaper workplace through cell phones. It will bring nice changes to news business. during this sense, small blogging is additionally helpful to professionals like authors and play-writers. Whenever and where, small blogging will facilitate them write down the transient inspiration and share with friends in real time. If you have got no interests in news coverage and writing, small blogging also can be a platform for you to understand ample fascinating folks. even supposing I solely tweet at the most four or 5 times on a daily basis, by now, averagely there would be 5 Twitter-ers following American state a day, an outsized proportion of them from western countries, and a few of them area unit CEOs, founders or chairmen...elites in their business.

I guess the participation of those nice guys build Twitter additional participating, giving normal folks the chance to understand those massive men and serving to these bigs promote themselves and even their brands (all they have is simply build some casual conversations from time to time). And in my opinion, this can be what, in spite of FanFou, TaoTao, or the other Chinese small bloggings, haven't with success duplicated and will attempt to duplicate-a fascinating user cluster.Of course, a mature and enticing user cluster can't be packed and fix into a small blogging. It calls time to collect users {little|very very little} by little and kind a specific communication atmosphere. At that point, once we value more highly to check in in FanFou, TaoTao, or no matter, we have a tendency to are literally attracted by the folks and therefore the culture of that small blogging, instead of following fashion or on a whim.


Sep 18, 2020
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