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Feb 5, 2017
If you are searching for VPS service, you will come across plenty of VPS service provider. But if you consider some driving factors like dedicated service providing,24/7 support capability, competitive package facility then only a handful VPS service provider will be in the preferred list. FX VPS will be definitely in that list for its quality service providing attitude & professionalism.

Let’s give you some details about key benefits for preferring FX VPS -


Extreme Speed experience

We offer you extremely speedy hosting experience. Once your website is hosted into FX VPS your journey with us will be into the different technological dimension.

Meta trader support capability

With Fx VPS platform, you can experience hosting ability of all meta trader. This feature will amplify your business performance.

Latest Hardware technology
Our VPS servers are featured with SSD(Solid State Disk) RAID-10 adroitness. This powerful feature enhances the speed of hosted website quality.

Uninterrupted Customer Support
Our client support system is available at your service 24/7 and 365 days. You will be privileged by all sorts of technical support on the basis of your emergency.

Security & Backup
We have a strong backup process(DDoS) running all time to prevent sudden deletion of server files.

Refill guarantee
You are getting the opportunity of 3 days partial money back guarantee if the service is not to your expected level.

Quick latency
You are getting speedy latency in millisecond unit. This feature will increase the success ratio in no time.

Super-Fast Website

Hosting your website into FX VPS server will make it more responsive to its user by speeding up the site speed. With this performance, you can optimize your website with the utmost optimal performance.

Benefits Of using our featured service

Free Assistance
Our honored clients will get free installation & tech support from the beginning to the last day of our contract.

You will have 24/7 dedicated service for accessing from any platform(Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/IOS).

Added with trading feature


Our server is fully capable of running any type of business; especially forex CRM software. It is built with an extensive feature to run heavy brokerage & business solutions.

Experienced support team
Our support staffs are fully equipped with their professional experience & helpful attitude to run hosting activities of your website.

Open source platform
Supports a huge amount of open source application with transferring, configuration, installation advantage.

Guaranteed with 100% uptime
Fx VPS guarantees 100% uptime of our customer web sites with topmost functionality.

Totally Hacking-free hosting service
Our servers are capable of preventing 99% security threats. So you don't need to worry about data theft or any sorts of technical difficulties.

Flexible & Competitive market price
You are getting access to your desired package at a lower price than the usual market price integrated with a cost-effective reseller plan.

Affiliated service

As we are giving our service as an affiliate you will be rewarded with 10% commission for every successful promotion.

Dedicated Server
Fx VPS offers a full dedicated server to its clients. Rather than a leap service we act as according to our featured criteria. Hats why we give full dedication & effort to ensure our dedicating service quality. There are some factors we emphasize on to keep our service dedicated. Such as

>Ensuring 100% site up the guarantee.>24/7/365 stand by the support team.
>Latest SSD based hardware support system

With FX VPS PRO our client has a wide range of opportunity to choose the most suitable server according to the needs. We offer four modules; DS 1, DS 2, DS 3, DS 4 categorized by
-CPU feature
-traffic range
-RAM size.

Exclusive VPS
Our client has the opportunity to select Forex VPS for fulfilling their special business purpose. We have featured the modules for MT4/MT5 user. A client has the opportunity to keep the maximum of two MT4/MT5 solutions under one-gigabyte space. This feature will enable the customer to run a forex brokerage solution smoothly. These VPS are divided into EXCL 1, EXCL 2, EXCL 3, EXCL 4 modules bearing the feature of

-1 dedicated IP
-100% uptime
-Unlimited Bandwidth
You can order your package from the modules according to the payment of the monthly & yearly contract.



Forex VPS will solve all of your difficulties related to latency. Lion share (almost 99%) of slippage problem will be disappeared under our technical service. Our latency infrastructure set in millisecond unit of London, New York & Amsterdam. With us your experience will be never the same as before because of the wide range of availability, perfect electronic trading, boosted up with speed and maximization of your profit.

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Nov 28, 2021
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