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Feb 21, 2014

Forex trading is a very profitable and convenient way of earning your income, but it is full of risks and dangerous situations, especially when you lack the required expertise, experience and trade alone.

With the right information in your hands at the right time, everything becomes possible.

That’s where we can help you.


Synergy Forex is a professional trading group and Forex service provider commited to quality and professionalism.

We take our relationship with the client very seriously and have a helpful and friendly customer support team, at your disposal 24/7.

Our services respect certain quality standards which we intend to help fundamentally define and shape the image of our group.

Our team of experienced traders is constantly monitoring the markets for new opportunities of profit, identifying high probability trade setups that minimise risk, maximise profit and respect a solid base of technical and fundamental factors as required by our specific, high success rate and genuinely developed trading methods.

Our high quality Forex signals are selected out of the best opportunites for profit in the market at any one time, they are carefully reviewed by our team and promptly delivered to our clients on time with all relevant information like entry price, stop loss, take profit and risk/volume used.

You can choose between a variety of notification means, including e-mail,Skype or Yahoo Messenger.

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