CedarFX: Commission-Free Trading on Forex, Crypto & More


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Nov 30, 2008
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CedarFX - Zero Commission & Tight Spreads - The First Eco-Friendly Broker

Commission-free trading often comes with a catch. Online broker CedarFX however, is crushing that stereotype with its 0% Commission Account. Having made a name for itself through this original account type, CedarFX has paved the way for traders to make the most of their funds, without any cost.

While the concept of commission-free trading is not unique to CedarFX, there are several stand-out features found in the broker’s 0% Commission Account. Firstly, CedarFX offers commission-free trading across six asset classes, including Forex major, minors and exotics, cryptocurrency pairs, and CFDs on stocks, indices, and commodities. Secondly, the broker offers higher than average leverage settings, up to 1:500, for those traders with a risk appetite.

This means that any CFD position opened by the client can be multiplied in size and value by up to x500. In addition to these features, CedarFX is also renowned for its low spreads, meaning that a trader’s funds won’t be eaten up by the broker’s fees.

CedarFX’s 0% Commission Account offering is a cut above the rest. The broker has however, introduced an all-new account type through its platform. The Eco Account, the first of its kind in the world of Forex trading, has ushered in a new era of social responsibility among traders. By opting to open and trade on an Eco Account, a client benefits from the same excellent conditions offered by CedarFX in the 0% Commission Account, while paying an optional commission of just $1.

Rather than going directly into the broker’s pockets, however, this commission is used to support CedarFX’s environmental mission. The broker also matches the total amount of commission paid by clients, to maximise their impact and give back to the community.

CedarFX’s Environmental Mission​

Having earned a reputation as the world’s first Eco-Friendly broker, CedarFX is on a mission to make a meaningful impact on the environment. The broker has partnered up with UK-based social enterprise Ecologi to support tree-planting initiatives and fund climate solution projects across the globe.

To put things into numerical terms, every $1 paid by Eco Account holders will be matched by CedarFX to plant a total of 10 trees, in locations such as Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua. In the first month since the launch of the Eco Account, CedarFX has also supported Gold Standard certified Carbon Reduction projects to offset a total of 1.83 tonnes of CO2e. This is only the start — as more and more traders, near and far, opt to participate in this mission by opening an Eco Account, the broker’s positive impact on the environment is expected to grow exponentially.

You can learn more about CedarFX’s tree planting and climate solution projects through their website.

Are you ready to be part of the change? Trade with CedarFX to start trading with the world’s first eco-friendly broker at www.cedarfx.com!



Aug 30, 2021
Great to see a broker taking a step towards fighting climate change. I hope others will also follow suit!