Can i teach my wife for forex trading?

Discussion in 'General Forex Discussion' started by shl2412, May 23, 2014.

  1. shl2412

    shl2412 Banned

    My wife is taking interest in forex trading but due to home work she feels double mind to enter in forex trading , what are your opinion ? Can i teach my wife for forex trading ?
  2. Enivid

    Enivid Administrator Staff Member

    If she is interested in Forex trading, then you can try teaching her. Whether she will be able to trade profitably or not is another question.
  3. satriafx

    satriafx Banned

    I recommend you to do that. We do not know how is prospect of your wife..
    But, we should try it first..
  4. Aby123

    Aby123 Active Trader

    If she's interested then why not.. And she could still do the house works, and do trading at the same time lol
  5. foxcon

    foxcon Trader

    Ya. You can. And I think it will be better for your family. I will not possible for you to maintain job and your trading continuously. If she is a housewife then you can teach her about this and told her to keep up to date of this and also you can teach her to make certain analysis on a pair.
  6. Fxpipper

    Fxpipper Master Trader

    For one, you may want to share in with the home work with your wife, allowing her more time to learn about the market and trade in currencies. I share my home related tasks with my girlfriend, and we are both working as man up, share in some of the tasks, believe me she'll appreciate you a lot more, for sharing in the tasks and giving her more free time to trade online..sheesh
  7. goodness

    goodness Trader

    If your wife is interested in trading forex, you can teach her and she can still do her house work. As a woman, she should know how to schedule her home work so she can participate in forex trading as well.
  8. ClueBox

    ClueBox Trader

    Surely that would be very exciting for each one of you =) Forex is really hard to learn, but you as here mentor would be an interesting part.. I find it to be sweet =)
  9. Exness Support

    Exness Support Active Trader

    I think it should be the other way around and your wife shall decide if she wants to learn forex trading or not.
  10. Rambo35

    Rambo35 Confirmed PaxForex Representative

    You can definitely try teaching her if she's wiling to try trading. Does she's going to learn is the tough part.
  11. davidblack

    davidblack Trader

    Yes you can teach your wife about Forex because she is taking interest in Forex and want to be a Forex trader so you do not hesitate to teach her. Evey one can trade in Forex and there is no restriction of sex,age or religion if they have interest and want to learn Forex.
  12. olivine

    olivine Trader

    Yes your wife could be a good trader if having interest in it . After some experience he can easily make money from forex trading .It is a good business for house wives specially for women who do not want to go out from home for any job. Many women are good traders here they can make good earning , they manage capital as they can easily manage their home too.
  13. Ese11

    Ese11 Trader

    Of course You can teach her how to,if she is eager and prepared to learn,there women who trade successfully and do it well,It would be fun with you doing it.
  14. eyeball

    eyeball Master Trader

    A good defense is the best offense

    Discussions with my wife about forex trading generally are non-productive. She has a tendency to drop her right when she jabs with her left. This of course leaves her open for my own left hook and if delivered properly can end all further discussion right there. Other women, my girlfriend for example, have a tendency to kick when discussing forex. I have found, through long experience in dealing with this strategy ,that at the apex of the kick the kicker is completely off-balance and the slightest shove wil put her on her backside face up vulnerable to various defensive strategies to numerous to describe in this short post.You can private message me for any further info you might require about forex discussions wth women and defensive strategies you might wish to employ.
  15. Bosschick

    Bosschick Newbie

    Absolutely, I see no problem with it for as long as you are cool with it and your wife is willing to learn forex trade. I think it would even be fun trading together with your wife. All the best!!!
  16. garena

    garena Master Trader

    Teach a girl or a woman to trade Forex, then trade opposite her since all newcomer lose Forex in long-term. So you must be win 90 trades :D
  17. You could teach her and if you're worried about her losing money, then I would just have her work with some demo accounts. I honestly think that would be the best thing that you would be able to do. I did it, and I have to say that it helped me out a lot. They are great because the account is essentially a virtual trading platform where you can buy and sell various currencies without risking real money. In providing this service, Forex brokers replicate live online Forex trading within a test environment where no trade actually gets sent to the market. And if you want to check out a good place to use a demo account then I would have to say that you should check out because they are the best out there right now. I have used them and I have to say that I was very pleased with the results that I got from them.
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  18. coolboy

    coolboy Newbie

    Yeah..! You could teach her, the best way to make her learn is through Demo Account. As by that you will not lose any money. Then when she is perfect enough, you could make her start trading with live account.
  19. radex78

    radex78 Active Trader

    I think forex opened for everyone that want to learn,. if wife she having high interested to learn forex I think we can teach them and guide with carefully before start in real account
  20. inggo

    inggo Master Trader

    women can be good at this i swear, but is she interested, thats the thing if she aint interested then dont bother, forcing things on to people that dont want to will never generate good results, i tried it with the GF she raised a brow on me. lol.

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