Bunny Cross - Vertexfx Server Ea


Master Trader
May 8, 2014

Bunny Cross EA is a Server Side VertexFX Expert Adviser. Bunny cross is based on two moving average cross over each other or

touch one moving average and reverse. When a cross over or touch and reverse happens, the EA opens positions in accordance with

the trend direction. The trading system rules are:

1. Buy when fast moving average is above slow moving average and fast moving average one bar back is below slow moving average.

2. Sell when fast moving average is below slow moving average and fast moving average one bar back is above the slow moving


3. Close position when the reverse trade happens in next 3 bars after position open.

Thus the EA trades moving average cross over as well as fast moving average touching the slow moving average and then moves

away from it. The fast moving average is a five period weighted moving average and slow moving average is a twenty period

weighted moving average.

The EA does not manage positions after three bars of opening a trade. So the position must be managed manually or managed with

the auto stop loss and take profit server side expert adviser available at vStore.

Before starting the EA on the server, set the parameters with appropriate values. Parameter "Symbols" determines the symbol to

trade. "Lot" specifies the lost size for each trade and parameter "Chart Period" picks the chart timeframe to trade. The EA

runs on the broker's server auto trading even if the trading terminal is closed on the client machine.