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  1. ilqar200

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    hello.My name is Ilgar. I am from Azerbaijan. i have a few knowledge about forex trading. I saw in internet there are many brokers that offers promotions - deposit bonuses , rebate programs, cashback programs and so on. I have a 10000 usd capital in my electronic wallet. I want to start to trade with these promotions .After reading terms of these promotions i understand that to earn additional money from these promotions i must to trade a lot of time and in worst case trade to breakeven. Is there any breakeven forex strategy that opens many positions in a day and that i can use to trade with these promotions ? Or it is not worth to participate in those promotions ? Please give me advice.Thanks.
  2. Enivid

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    Normally, it is not worth it, unless you already have a very active trading strategy. Considering that you have little knowledge about Forex trading, you better trade on demo before you are confident in your skills.
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  3. jellyeb

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    You can start with news or carry trading strategy, PM me if you need help.
  4. myfxpt

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    If I were new to Forex, and had $10,000 capital, I would put $9,500 in a safe place that earns regular interest (like a bank or managed investment trust) and use the other $500 for trading. Before considering live trading, I would take the advice of Enivid and test my skills and strategy on a demo account. Then, when I feel confident, I would use $100 of my $500 for my first live account. Why only $100? Because the odds are VERY high that I will blow my first live account. Just my thoughts!
  5. Successfulmind

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    Hi, be careful about your low knowledge. This is not gambling or treasury. Your question shows your low knowledge about Forx then we recommend first increase your knowledge then think about trading in contrast, you loose it very easily.
  6. xerof

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    There is no brake even strategy, as far I know. If you at same time put sell and buy order you pay comision to broker, and if you close both orders at the same time, you will be in minus.
  7. ogesco

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    not worth it,try demo first,as you demo trade increase your knowledge base

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