Brand new modular EA from just 1 USD - CRAZY PROMO


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Jun 15, 2009
Dear FX Traders!

We hope you're doing well and making nice pips with your MT4 trading tools.

Currently, we're ready to introduce you a special brand new automated trading system

modular fully automated system for MT4 platform

and you can have it for just 1 USD!

For the following 30 days, you can purchase this system for the special prices of our Crazy Promo Sale.

Why modular?

We understand that not all of you can afford expensive software. For this reason we are coming with a very special EA. You can purchase just the basic module trading only EUR/USD pair and then in case of your interest you can purchase additional modules (good for trading other pairs) just for a fraction of the basic price.

What are the basic characteristics of this system?

1. First of all, it is our first system which is really FULLY automated. You don't have to make any own settings. No optimization is needed. Just choose the lots to trade and that's it! It is easy.

2. No trading surprises again. This EA doesn't use any martingale, no adding to positions, no grid system. You always know what lots will be traded and that only 1 trade/1 pair will be opened.

What is the profitability, risk etc?

Please, see the enclosed report results under the www link bellow for the profitability and risk numbers. You can use the EA in a conservative way by keeping the traded lots constant (in our case only 0.1 lots) and keep the risk of drawdown very low (in our case just 7 %).
Or keep the lots/equity ratio constant and kick your profits up to 100s % !

What is the price?

Currently, You can purchase the basic module trading EUR/USD from just 1 USD (live unlimited licence). After each licence is sold, the price increases by 1 USD. So be fast and catch the lowest price possible!

Other modules are now being sold for 39 USD. At the moment AUDUSD and GBPUSD modules are available. Other pairs on request.

Please, use this special link to grab this unique system for the best possible price available:

During the purchase, enter the "EARN FOREX" into the Leave Note For Seller window and receive one additional module completely for free

But be fast, the price can change very quickly !!!

To get any further information, please rather contact us on as we are not able to monitor this forum on daily basis.