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Apr 12, 2014
Hello dear forum members and guests!

My name is Ashley, I am a representative of binary options broker Optionova. Let me tell some words about our company. First of all I would like to introduce our company.
For our clients we suggest the newest trading platform TradeSmarter, which is convenient to use. The possibilities of the platform will satisfy requirement of expert trades and beginners.
Optionova cares also about financial safety of client funds as all transactions are secured by SSL (secure socket layer) technology.
Our advantages for customers of Optionova:
- Long-expected and unique Optionova newest addition StrategiX panel, which helps trader to make more than 300% profit per trade. Awaited by partners and traders alike, StrategiX is a unique product which combines an incomparable user interface with a complex pricing algorithm;
- More than 90 assets offered (including indexes, currency pairs, commodities, etc.);
- No fees or commissions on opening new accounts or trade execution;
- With function Weekend Trading you can trade even on weekends;
- Extremely high payouts (up to 85%) in short-time trade slots;
- 24-hour customer support via phone, email or online chat gives opportunity for customers to get an answer on any questions.

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In this thread you can find the news from our company Optionova and also get answers on all your questions concerning binary option trading.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.
Apr 12, 2014
Optionova Affiliate Program: A profitable partnership – with a coperative way to success.

Forex market offers plenty of opportunities to make Hugh profits. Still growing, this increases the amount of trading volume of ($ 3 trillion U.S. dollars per day) output, which serves the needs of hundreds of thousands of people and many more servers. Due to the Internet and online trading money can be earned from home.

“Business for housewives” – the currency trading is called this name now. Of course, it would be not true to say that anyone is able to trade. However, it certainly solves the problem of employment in the real economy. How? Let’s consider the options with the experts of Binary Option Broker Optionova the leader of binary options trading.

Market in market
- “First let’s define the terminology. Despite the fact that the binary options market (or digital options, fixed return options) is currently the fastest growing, not everyone understands the principle of the instrument. And is what the classical trader besides classical trading operations trading sell / buy can also make a prediction on how the pair will behave after a certain period of time in comparison with the current situation.

On other exchanges futures trading have distant likeness, when traders earn on oil price forecasts. To do this, they invest in the securities for a certain amount.

Binary options have less than the risks and the forecast of currency value can be done on short periods – up to an hour. And bets are made on both increasing of price and in the fall. That is, the principle of the instrument is similar to the classic trading – it all depends on how the results will be to analyze the behavior of a currency pair at the closing price of the asset.

However, rather than to sell or buy a currency, we just need to determine at what point is locked at a specific time determined. Binary options market, in fact, is “the market in the market.” But from this point we recommend to begin understanding the Forex markets, as it is the most intuitive tool for novice and effective for learning the principles of analysis – both technical and fundamental. As a result, the trader who uses binary options with the correct prediction earns upto 70 to 85 % of the investment, and that the most attractive is that the amount of the asset is determined and fixed in advance, “- says the expert of Binary Option Broker Optionova

Binary options and traffic are the profit of a partner

However, in addition to regular trading on the currency market and the Internet money can be earned in other ways. For example – introduction of the affiliate programs which are currently one of the most promising forms of cooperation, both for individual sites, and for giant multinational corporations in the field of communications and IT technologies. Exchange of services, fees, MLM, mutually beneficial cooperation in various areas are becoming increasingly important, as they service to a major part of the GDP of all countries, and the virtual “affiliate” brings real profits: where the traffic is converted into real money.

Optionova Company is also an active participant of such programs and offers its future partners with very interesting conditions: with every customer who made a one-time deposit at the site Optionova for more than $ 500, a partner receives $ 200. If a deposit is less than $ 500 – partner’s income is $ 100 according to CPA plan.

There is another way to profit from affiliate programs. It is more suitable for those who don’t have many visitors, but the audience is more highly specialized. This program of Revshare, through which you can earn 35% on active trades of the trader. The higher the trading volume the more profitable is the partner.

Optionova Affiliate Program ensures immediate withdrawal of funds in the account of the partner with highly sophisticated payment system. Quickly and efficiently. In order to keep abreast of changes on deposits of the trader who went directly to the site Optionova, the company provides analytical reports. Tracking codes, and profit optimization are directly synchronized with the broker platform (available in 11 languages ) in real time. In addition, there is always an opportunity to communicate with the operator on all issues.