best trading platform?

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What is the best trading platform to trade forex?

  1. MT4

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  2. AX1

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  1. alfafinancials

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    What is the best trading platform to trade forex?
  2. TracyMorninge

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  3. Mauk

    Mauk Trader

    I am not forex expert in any case but I really do not get what means here something like for example AX1 as for MT4 everyone knows that it's MetaTrader 4 and there is MetaTrader5 as well, however you need to look for the difference I think in Google.
  4. larry_009

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    Trading platform is the most important input you need to trade efficiently. You can judge a trading platform on the basis of features like charting capabilities, technical tools, Historical data analysis, order types, etc.

    In my opinion, one such trading platform which I regard best for use is META TRADER 4

    MT4 is the most widely used trading platform. It is many a times, regarded as a standard for the forex industry. It has one of the largest user base and is well equipped with technology for its users.

    The features that make MT4 the best, can be summarized as follows:-

    • it provides a wide variety of order types for market entry and exit.
    • There is a huge collection of indicators to help the traders in strategizing.
    • It offers the use of more than 3200 signals to support trading.
    • It is easily accessible through web, mobile application, etc.
    • MT4 is a user friendly platform, allowing traders to trade in any lot size.
    • They come with a free VPS offer and an MQL5 community as well.

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