Being the Most Powerful AI Robot for the Forex Market, RoFx Beats Its Competitors


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Nov 30, 2008
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As stated by Wikipedia, RoFx is an electronic automated trading Forex robot acting as an online software agent for the Forex market. Started in 2009 in London, UK, RoFx company has been in good progress ever since. With more than 8 years of experience, RoFx robot provides its users who have neither knowledge nor experience in trading with a brilliant opportunity for improving their financial health with this now-pretty-easy perquisite. The robot has been constantly improving with new IT tools, including automation, robotics and intelligent brokerage platforms.

RoFx is an innovative robust technology with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Neural Network that are constantly analyzing financial and global markets, researching, predicting, and thus selecting the best options. It is a fully automated high-tech trading system with a unique loss coverage feature.

What is the main difference between RoFx and other trading platforms? There is a great variety of automated trading platforms, but none of them is safe. No one wants to jeopardize their finance and be on tenterhooks even for a while.

RoFx system guarantees such a level of loss coverage that can be hardly provided by any other competitor. Stop-Loss system blocks any trading activity in case of any risk probability. The AI and Neural Network react immediately. They change the strategy and redirect funds to other brokerage platforms. This shifting between different brokerage platforms guarantees profit to the clients.

When the loss is imminent, which may happen in some cases, RoFx covers it immediately. Another unique feature that makes RoFx better than any other system is the security of the initial deposit. RoFx experts implemented solid Reserve Fund to assure their clients of the reliability and integrity of the robot. Different platforms claim their automatic performance, but when it comes to real life you can find yourself personally involved in trading more than you could have imagined. With RoFx, there is no need in your personal interaction with the system as RoFx manages your account and requires no direct interaction from your side.

As a reaction to the continuous growth and a great progress shown, RoFx has been recently recognized as the best automated trading platform ever existed.
From the very moment it was launched, RoFx system has never ceased bringing its clients a steady success and high profits. In 2017, the trading software reached its peak by demonstrating a 12% monthly profit, which is an infallible success.

Each business started aims at benefiting other people. RoFx can be truly identified as the most powerful AI robot for the Forex market and the company that not only serves its clients but also strives to deliver the best service to them. RoFx experts are passionate about what they do and are intensely concentrated on performing their services at the highest technical level. RoFx is proud of having such a great team of highly experienced traders, software engineers, AI and neural network engineers. 100.86% of annual profit is the best demonstration of their efforts.