Become an IB with AximTrade


Apr 6, 2022

What is Forex IB?​

An Introducing Broker (IB) is either an entity or an individual that acts as an intermediary between the broker and the trader. The IB connects the them with each other based on a direct partnership with the forex broker. Its main role is to refer new clients to this broker and gets a commission for it. Usually, the introducing broker provides its clients with required support, trading consultations, market education, as well as strategies and signals.

So, what does an IB do exactly? An introducing broker offers and advertises the trading services of the partnered forex broker. The IB partner gets access to the necessary support, software and services in order to entice potential clients. The success of an introducing broker depends on the number of registered clients and number of completed trades. The more of them, the more commission an IB gets paid.

Referred clients should register with the broker using a specific IB link to be recognized as IB’s traders. The introducing broker will start to earn commission once the referred clients deposit money and start trading. The IB’s commission will be based on the trading performance of the referred clients. The more, the merrier.

There is no fixed commission rate for the Introducing Broker (IB). The commission can keep growing with no limits.

The Forex broker is an intermediary entity between retail traders and the forex market or the interbank system, in which major banks trade with each other. The broker provides financial services to facilitate the process of buying and selling foreign currencies for retail traders. Clients of a forex broker may also include large financial institutions that trade on behalf of retail customers and investment banks.

Become an IB with AximTrade​

You can become a partner with AximTrade, the world’s fastest growing forex broker, and exclusively enjoy:

  • Competitive commission up to $20 per lot.
  • Timely reporting.
  • Limitless commissions.
  • Diverse payment options and transfer solutions.
  • Lifetime revenue.
  • Great marketing tools to easily optimize your campaigns for maximized revenues.
  • Partnership sponsorship programs.
AximTrade offers a diversity of trading options that suits individual trading needs. You can choose between various account types, based on your trading strategy, experience, and capital designed for investment. Choices include Standard, Cent, or ECN trading account. In addition to the exclusive Infinite Leverage Account. Enjoy favorable trading conditions with AximTrade; especially when it comes to margin and leverage levels.

With AximTrade, the best broker for you, explore the best trading experience through fast order execution (0.004s), instant deposit and withdrawal supported by a wide variety of payment methods, a minimum deposit of $1 with no commission, excellent customer service, and more. Check why traders choose AximTrade as the leading best broker and the full AximTrade Review for more insights about our exclusive services.

Simply apply to become an Introducing Broker (IB), share your referral link with your clients and earn profits every day.