BDSwiss Group Launches Bespoke Trends Analysis Tool Exclusively on its WebTrader Platform


Active Trader
Aug 10, 2017
Limassol - Cyprus
CT-7722_In-Platform WebTrader Trends Company News & Press Release_FINAL-01.jpg
As part of its commitment to pursuing innovation and introducing cutting-edge features and solutions that enhance trader experience, BDSwiss Group has recently added to its technical analysis toolkit by unveiling a fully integrated WebTrader Trends Analysis tool, available exclusively on the BDSwiss WebTrader.

By tracking multiple data points, the built-in Trends Analysis tool calculates and refines probability values for future price action while also considering the latest earnings reports, financial releases and aggregated data from third-party vendors.

To learn more about the Trend Analysis Tool simply sign up for a BDSwiss trading account or if you are already a BDSwiss Client visit the WebTrader on your Dashboard.