Bane Strength Index.mq4 - Change visual display of the data


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Jan 11, 2012
Hi budding MQL4 programmers,

I attach Bane Strength Index.mq4 for your reference. When the indicator is loaded to MT4, it looks like this:


Ignore the last negative number (which reads -1.5716) and focus on the positive and 1st negative number (the middle one). I explain later.

It resembles bear_bulls_power.mq4 in the way it displays histogram bars but this is a totally different indicator. I appreciate any help from programmers to change it to display as a 2-colour histogram like this:


For the 2-colour histogram to work:

1) When the positive number is bigger than the negative number, histogram turns green.
2) When the negative number is bigger than the positive number, histogram turns red.

So my request is simply retain the indicator's algorithm and change its visual display. I hope it's not a big ask and you're up for a challenge. Many thanks.