B.O.R.N Night Owl - New Expert Advisor of the MegaDroid type!


May 20, 2011
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Personally I am one of the guys who strongly believe in automated trading for a number of reasons:
- Being able to code a logic into a programme is the only way one can test whether a strategy is worthy or not!
- A coded strategy is implemented without any deviations due to being sick/tired/angry/anxious/revengeful whatsoever
- A coded strategy may require as little as 0.00 USD upkeep
- etc.
After having spent years in careful study of hundreds of advisors logic, I have finally came to the conclusion that despite 98% of them are just commercial crap being able to only provide a nice looking presentation (some do not even do that...) there are some which one can trust - they have been coded by people who have really found a winning strategy. There are statistically loopwholes one can exploit to implement a winning strategy - this is a fact, it is just not that easy to find one.
Amongst the Expert Advisors I personally trust based on careful studies are: the Forex Megadroid - this is definitely worth trusting; also the famous REM Expert (cracked and offered under many different names including ForexMillionaire), CobraForex's programmers team (Salute, Cobra!) have also come up with an amazing THV system code, and finally - the brand new


(Current version Night Owl), available at