Auto Trendline Trader - VertexFX EA


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May 8, 2014
VTL Auto trend line trader is a VertexFX VTL EA supporting VertexFX 10 and VertexFX 11.

Draw trend lines on the chart and then the Auto Trend Line EA trades the breakout of these trend lines. Attach the EA to the chart on which the trend lines are drawn. Enter the name of the Uptrend Line and Down Trend Line into the parameters. We usually buy on the breakout of a downtrend line and Sell on the breakout of an uptrend line. In parameters, the Down Trend line is named Buy Trend Line and Uptrend Line is named Sell Trendline. When the EA is attached to the chart, The EA takes control of the trend lines. The buy Trendline is marked with Green dots and Sell trend line is marked with red dots. The trend line is extended as new bars are formed in the chart. EA can manage the risk through stop loss, take profit and trailing stop loss etc.



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