Area 51 Forex Raked In $33,934 For Me The Past Few Days


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May 5, 2009
On September 15th, a new forex trading system + software is about to be released to the public that has been in the works for sometime now. This new forex robot claims to be the answer for any forex trader looking to make profits in the forex markets and it’s called Area 51 Forex . But with all these forex robots being released lately, why is the Area 51 any different? In this Area 51 Forex System review we will discuss the pros and cons of using this new trading software.

This new robot like others, will take all the guesswork out of trading. No more sliding losses, no emotion, and no hassles. Just install and let it start running on your computer to pull in profits. Now I know what you’re saying here; "I’ve heard this song and dance before and have been burnt on past robots, so why should I trust this one?"

However, the most common question I hear about this product leading up to the launch date is, Does It Work for Anyone?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. This system was designed to work for all forex traders whether your a beginner or experienced trader. It was also designed for ease of use so that users can get set up and running in a matter of minutes. However, don't confuse this Forex system with other forex trading robots out there.

This is NOT another forex trading robot. This is an actual forex trading system. What this means is as follows; A revolutionary forex trading system has been merged into top of the line technology to create laser targeted buy and sell signals for you. This system does not do all the trading for you like other forex trading robots and this is why the system appears to be so accurate.

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Area 51 Forex System is being released by John Chen who some of you may remember from the Trend Forex 2.0 release earlier this year which sold amazingly well with over 2 million dollars in sales. However, the release of Trend Forex 2.0 was limited in copies sold, just as Area 51 Forex will be. If you have ever wondered why copies are limited for big release products.

I’ll explain in short here. Whenever a product creator releases a product that requires customer support as all forex products do, they have to hire a team of support staff which includes themselves and train them. If they hire 10 support staff and sell 100,000 copies, there is no way they will be able to provide sufficient support. This is the exact reason product quantities are limited, so that they will be able to answer any and all support question in a timely manner.

Leading up to the launch, there hasn’t been too much information leaked by John Chen and his staff about this new product. But what we do know is that Area 51 Forex System is a simple system designed to get traders up and runnning in a matter of minutes. We also know this is a buy and sell signal system so that most of the work is done for you.

What we know this sytem is not is another trading robot. This is what differentiates John Chen’s products from all the other regular forex trading robots out on the market today. John Chen is recognized for combining techology and advanced trading methods to achieve high degrees of accuracy. Area 51 Forex is a FX trading system used in the foreign trading exchange. You can use the trading strategies for any fx currencies and under any broker software.

Area 51 Forex System is well-known for two most important things in forex trading. Consistent profits and Ease of use.

The trading signals can be used for trader accounts of all sizes. Here are some of the results achieved. It has already turned:
Turn $250 – $487 in 3 days
Turn $487.70 – $2011.5
Turn $5300 – $49382
Turn $11200 – $102.249

The timeframe used are Daily and Weekly thus you only need 10-15 minutes a day to trade. For more information, click on any links above.