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Aug 20, 2018
Hello, Traders.

We have some question:
Would you like to earn from the movements of the world’s financial markets?
Do you want to miss an opportunity to win?You don’t have 4 years for trainings? You don’t have time to analyze and monitor the markets? Are you tired of missing opportunities?Do you want your winning positions to become losers anymore?
We have something for you.We introduce you Angels-Fx.
• We invested four years in learning from the best and proven financial professionals, 15 000 days practice on financial markets.
• We have created systems to share our analysis, business ideas and real-world positions in the most dynamic markets.
Because of that:
o You do not have to spend years of training and practice.
o You do not have to spend hours on the graphs to analyze and keep track the market continuously while you have open positions.
o You do not have to be angry that you missed an opportunity.
• Angels-Fx offers you:
o Monthly analyzes
o Weekly analyzes
o Daily analyzes
o Trade-Ideas
o Actual signals when taking a position
o Social Chat

Here we will share with you our history and some real-time signals.
Vladislav Angelov

Hello, Traders.
Check out our Trade-Ideas from Friday. EUR/JPY make more than 60 pips.
Crush the market trade ideas.png

Hello Traders.

Check out our Trade-Ideas in GBP/USD. More than 20 pips move from our call.
Our trade ideas work GU.png

Hello, Traders.

Yesterday we do good scalp for 13 pips in GBP/JPY. After that GBP/JPY make 30 pips more in our directions, but we were close our positions
GJ sell.png
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