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    AmegaBOOM - The first cumulative no deposit bonus of up to $1000 for each client of the company.

    AmegaBOOM is an exclusive promotion, in which all AMEGA clients can take part. We give each of our clients an opportunity to receive up to $1000 onto a live trading account for absolutely free. Join the promotion and attract traders from all over the world. For each attracted participant you will get a guaranteed cash reward and lifetime partner commissions.
    Thanks to a special leverage set for this bonus, the maximum amount you can use for trading is $100 000.

    • Bonus to every trader
    • $15 to each new client
    • $10 for each new referred
    • The ability to increase the bonus up to $1000
    • 1:100 leverage on bonus account
    • Instant bonus crediting
    • Free profit withdrawal
    • No investment required
    • A chance to expand your affiliate network and receive a stable income.

    The offer is unique and limited in time. Do not miss your chance to earn money on Forex without risks and your own investments.

    Clients who have previously received no welcome bonuses from the company can also take part in the AMEGAMANIA promotion and receive the $133 bonus. In order to get both bonuses at once, you need to take part in AmegaBOOM first. And only after in AMEGAMANIA.

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    I see that as something unique and never seen before, which amount allowed to be withdrawn ? I tried the link, but you really need to be the client already it seems and only then try to apply for that bonus, it's not obvious, so I am stating it right there for others.
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    All profit, derived from the bonus funds, is available for withdrawal. In order to take advantage of our bonuses, the client needs to register with the company and undergo account verification.

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