Algorithmic investments


May 23, 2016
Hi everyone. I am an official representative of the company Algo Trade Soft. We offer asset management services for our partners with account amount from 5000$.

An example of cooperation:

Your deposit amounts is $100 000, we have earned over the past month 30% = $30000, than you give us half earnings = $15000.

We do not have access to your money and we can only trade, but if you don’t pay us half of the profits at the end of the month, we stop trading and delete the system from your account.

We tested our algorithm only on real ticks, with commission of $10 per lot, random slippages and with real spreads.

Maximum historical drawdown with consideration of risk management not exceed 16%. The average yield is 30% per month. Analyze monitoring and you will see all of details.

We use only EA. Our strategies does not include averaging and martingale methods.

We do not have access to your money, you can stop cooperating anytime, or withdraw all of the money.

We are interested for a maximize profit at your account, because we take money only after profit.
Monitoring one of the EA:

We are waiting for your suggestions in