AFX CAPITAL as a brokers


Nov 26, 2013
I'm an investor in the field of forex for more than 10 years and even worked as an analyst in more than one company of Forex companies.
Has dealt with more than a brokerage firm (Broker), Of them tells the truth , including who gets you tired to withdraw your earnings to Transfer them in your bank account, Including broker with strange tricks to take in any way your finances because it interfere in real deals, but a simulation of the prices only on the trading platform and there are more than a ploy to grab the money transferred to brokerage firms ..... etc
Unfortunately occurred in a logical situation is and rested my intention and cleared Wright to tell you this.
I have more than one account called the company (AFX CAPITAL) its parent branch in Cyprus. Was initially bank transfers and procedures - to be honest - very easy when you transfer your money to them and open an account.
And dealing continued smooth Absent until I was Absent of my Accounts Not long ... I was surprised to shut down the accounts balance, but I see my Account numbers exist, but I can not make any deal and the image of the Platform was in this picture


And then asks me to update platform then I did but program didn't come any change .. I thought that the company's server has Technical failure.
I opened the program the next day did not open also, but with the disappearance of my accounts numbers as picture


I Talked to one of our customer service representatives said to me that, "we did not close the account, but it is like in (refrigerator) but I will open it to you again".
Here I confirmed the company's intentions they thought I left the account and I will not login again.
Especially because I knew that the company used its agents and some young enthusiastic forex profits in some countries to lose customers their money through these agents and the company is far from any legal accountability or legal entity
Knowing that there are companies Cypriot many transparent and credible companies such as( WINDSOR), It myself closed my accounts years ago and still send me recommendations on email and the financial statements of my accounts Which closed .
and all the difference with a company (AFX CAPITAL),they have cut their recommendations and statements of my accounts since my accounts have closed.
This is my contracts signed with a company that broke all the contracts that it considers it just only paper, the company stamp is clear in pictures


I hope to beware of the company when you make any deal ,so that is no one in the nets of this company…. has Forewarned is forearmed

Dmitriy Enrst

Active Trader
Mar 14, 2015
Thanks for the warning. Indeed, it is important to check carefully documents of the broker before you invest your money in this or that company. Very often they include conditions, which then lead to problems.