Accessing the interbank forex market

Exness IB

Active Trader
Apr 11, 2013
Exness’ unique electronic communication network allows its clients to trade with the knowledge that the network is doing its best to help them succeed

The development of information technology makes the interbank forex market more accessible to ordinary traders. By “interbank forex market” we mean a large automatic system for processing orders from banks, brokers, and other financial institutions to buy and sell currencies. The main advantages of the interbank forex market are efficiency, high liquidity, and favourable prices on transactions.

Trades on the interbank market are performed using ECNs (electronic communication networks), which bring together a great number of market participants. ECNs are well known to traders who invest in the stock market, but they have only caught on among forex traders relatively recently. An ECN is a platform or network in which liquidity providers (for example, large financial institutions) and individual traders execute transactions between themselves, without any intermediaries. Importantly, ECNs eliminate any conflicts of interest on the part of the broker or trader when orders are executed. An ECN broker’s income consists of commissions the client pays on transactions. ECN brokers are not involved in price setting. Current prices are determined by market participants’ orders.

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