A True EDGE on Binary Options

I don't know how many of you are into trading Binary Options. I've been heavily into them this last week. Why the interest? I'm field-testing "Option Bot."

It's a $97 application that interfaces with it's internal browser over five Binary Brokers. Why five? Get around trade limits for more profit. Option Bot analyzes 15 currency pairs, looking for movements of 300 pips or more. When you get the alert (direction, pair and time), you enter the trades across all five platforms. Wait til expiry and total up your winnings. You'll always enter against the trend shown in the alert. ALL trades are MANUALLY input. This is NOT an EA.

It IS quite an edge, too. After trading with it all day, all week, it's proven it's worth to me.

At their optionbot dot net site, you can download a free, fully functional application on a 7-day trial. Prove it to yourself. I know you're in for a shocker.
A majority of Binary apps available today only offer alerts on ONE asset, which you trade through ONE broker. Even at 70% profit on a win, it's peanuts. Now, imagine getting 2-4 lead alerts every 30 minutes and trading those leads across FIVE Binary accounts. Starting to get the picture?

But, EZ, I don't have enough cash to fund 5 accounts. NO PROBLEM! Fund one account and work it through Option Bot to get enough to open your next account, and so on. Every time you add an account, you raise your profit potential by 20 percent. I normally trade 10-15% of that account balance. With 2-4 trade alerts per 30 min., you'll see larger gains to your account(s) than one lead on one account. This is the gem of Option Bot.

Option Bot is loaded with the following brokers: TradeRush, 24 Options, Options Click, Option Bit, Trader XP, Stock Pair, CitiTrader and XP Markets. If you already have a Binary account with any of these, you're already good to go. Grab the free demo and give it a try. Oh, and start off leaving the two settings AS IS, M15 and 0.030. That's 300 pips movement in 15 minutes to trigger an alert. You can change it later to suit your desires but start there first.
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I gotta say, I'm blown away by Option Bot. My overall account (over 5 brokers) is growing by approx $1000/day. I have NEVER bought a product that produces like this.

And, yes, I experience losses. However, they're covered by the wins. Consider the following: You get two alerts. You enter them and one wins while one loses. You'd think it was a wash, right? Nope. The loss only removes your trade amount from your account. Your win returns your trade plus profit.

So far, I've driven one broker account from $200 to $1,000...in 3 days!

I'm still trading Forex but haven't seen much action this week. Rather than stop my income flow due to sideways markets, I fired up Option Bot.
It immediately started pulling profits. I'm trading through it as I write this. Those two alerts just won. That's approx. $110 profit added to each of 5 accounts. That fast. That easy.Now, wait for next alert. Alert up and entered. Oooo, that one was a squeaker. Last moment drop into the money.

This app IS a consistent producer!


Oct 24, 2012
Do you know any regulated binary options broker? There are regulations for binary options, it's new, CySec provides it
I'm currently using Trade Rush, Option Bit, 24 Options, Citi Trader and XP Markets. Each account is growing everyday. There's no rule-breaking going on. Instead of piling all my trades on one broker, I'm spreading them over 5 different brokers, thereby not running into the "too much trading" limits of a single broker.

Many think that if you have a destination, there's only one way to get there. NOT! You just have to find the path of most benefit. That's what Option Bot provides.

What regulation(s) are you concerned about?
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Well, I'll admit it. I'm what's called an "expatriate." I don't live under the "Iron Thumb." I've been in this status for 12 years now and am completely unaware of rules up there now. But, if you can't, you can't. I can and I do. That's another benefit of living outside the shell. Some freedoms aren't found in the most obvious locations.

I'm sorry some of you are put on a halter and are forbidden to enjoy what Option Bot brings to the table. I understand your problem, sort of.
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I've started my 4th week with Option Bot and it's gathering wins quickly. I've raised my trade amounts but am still within my 10% trading range. Higher trades, higher wins, another 15M till rinse, repeat. It's a shame some of you can't/won't use this.

What is it that stops you from opening a browser window and opening a "generic" account? That's what's got me confused.
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I'll be glad when the market gets over the election. Binary was great on Monday. But, starting bright and early Tuesday morning, it slid into the crapper and is STILL there! I switched over to straight Forex and didn't see anything but confusion.

So, this is the week I get into my new book, "Street Without Joy," take my Cockatoo to have coffee and just relax for the rest of the week. Hopefully, Monday will bring a "new day."
If you use Option Bot, here's some advice. Instructions say trade AGAINST trend, which worked. However, with the markets in disarray, and losing more trades, I've turned it around. I'm back to achieving winning trades by trading WITH trend. That's all it took to turn it around. I've notified Option Bot Support about it so someone will know.

Just a heads up if you're getting discouraged. The wins are still there.
FINALLY! Option Bot is beginning to react in the correct direction, down for up and up for down. Does this mean the market is stabilizing? That's anyone's guess. However, Binaries are approaching normalcy. I've done very little trading since the election, just small stuff to "test the waters." Oh, I wanted to trade but knew better. Instead, I just settled down with three good books.

Today, Monday, things seem a bit more concrete. In the meantime, I popped for Auto Binary Bot for testing. It's tied to a single broker, QFX. They've got a horrible system to work with. ABB instructions tell you nothing. It's getting refunded as you read this. Auto Binary Bot is a total waste of your and my time.


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Nov 20, 2012

To start trade with 5 binary brokers, how much min invest , do i need with each.. Is that the option bot is doing good these days... I am very much interested to start with binary, recomend me the 5 brokers to start with ... and what is the winning ratio..
wat is the betting rules , is that 15 min,or bettiing 1 hour expiry... how many leads u r getting per day,, how many trades per day.. pls mail me thanks prathaban08 at gmail
When considering a Binary platform/application, consider the following:

1. How many alerts are you given during the present trade period? What does it take to trigger an alert?

2. How many brokers can be handled by the application? Are they pre-loaded or user-loaded?

Why do I find those two items important? Here's why, I'm spoiled. That's why. As most know, I use Option Bot. Clearly the leader of all Binary Bots on the market. I know what it takes to generate an alert and I have some control over that perameter.

Secondly, I'm spoiled by having 5 brokers "in-app" to trade through. One trade get duplicated 5 times. Four trades (the most I've received) turn into 20 trades. It's a question of firing a single shot rifle or pulling the trigger of a Gatling Gun. Where I'd make $55.50 on one trade, I make $1110 using 4 trades across 5 brokers.

If you're thinking about the "next new bot," take a breather and ask yourself what you really want, restriction or freedom of choice. Like we tell our friends, "This ain't rocket science!" The biggest problem we face is getting the vendors/developers to listen to us.

Binary Options are a simple one question, 2 possible answer setup. Can it really be that hard to set a winning edge with software? There is NO perfect answer available at the moment. Option Bot is as close as I've found so far. Single trades are a thing of the past. Multiples are the name of the game now. Will the developers click? I doubt it.

When you start a new endeavor, you don't use shabby tools. Don't do it here, either. If you do buy something, a good rule of thumb is it must pay it's cost within one week or it gets refunded. at a minimum. Don't tie up your resources waiting for something to work. It either does or it doesn't. And double check that it's failure isn't user-initiated.

There's good easy money to be had in Binary Options. Yet, like Forex, it's what you know that allows you to win. Otherwise, you'll lose in Binaries just as easy as you lose in Forex. Many are willing to tell you how wrong you are. Only you know how right you are. And that's what matters.


Dec 15, 2012
OptionBot winning strategies

Hi ezrydn. What OptionBot setup/timing strategies do you use when choosing which binary trade signals to act on when they appear in the software window? To be honest I've had very inconsistent results and can't seem to find the right combination that works for me.

Sounds like you have been successful in getting considerly more winning trades vs. losing ones. My results have been 50% at best. I keep hearing from you and others of how amazing the OptionBot results have been.

Any tricks (over and above the 5 platforms) you can pass on for higher % of winning trades? Much appreciated with any help you can provide.
First of all, just because an app has an "adjustable setting" doesn't mean for you to change it. If you have the new Option Bot, please leave it on "0.003."

Whether your alert tells you High or Low, wait til your marker on the chart is at it's absolute opposite range before you enter, so you have a better idea of your possibility. If OB saw an UP, you trade DOWN. However wait til you're as UP as it looks like you'll get and retrace starts, then pull the trigger. Many times I enter a 15 min trade with just seconds to go.

ALWAYS have a same asset running on your MT4, to cross check. And verify through OBs "chart" tab on direction.

Timing must include WHEN you activate OB. If you get alerts just before closing, turn OB off for 5 min and reactivate. That seems to change when following alerts hit time.

Using both OB and your MT4 will allow you to see the finish of a trade. Pencil/paper time. Write down your "in the money" limit and see if it makes it via MT4.

When I get alerts, I already know which asset I'm trading, GBPJPY (85% ret.). I check my MT4 and then the OB Chart tab for that asset. I wait for opposing distance to form against the alert and when retrace begins, I pull the trigger. There's no requirement to pull the trigger upon alert. Let it form first.

Give that a try tomorrow. Also, if you see 3 loses in a row, find something else to do for the rest of the day. You're head's just not into it. That's my personal rule and it halts over trading or "trying to catch up."

Hope that helps.

I'm checking out a couple other binary apps to see if any vendors are bringing anything new and helpful to the OB table. I'm just looking for something that enhances predictions. I'll relay my test results when I have them. Tests will be conducted on live accounts over various brokers through Christmas week (a hard nut to crack.).
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As I stated, they let us go over the cliff so they could play "Kick the Can" a little further down the road. However, the market seems to have calmed a little. I've been "paper trading" Option Bot today against a MT4 chart. Came out with more wins than losses. I'll continue trading in this fashion for the remainder of the week for verification.