7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex

yashveer pal

Jun 21, 2021
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7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex

Strategy 1 – Market Sentiment

The forex market is heavily driven by market sentiment, and it is market sentiment
that influences traders decisions by triggering certain emotions and thoughts. Find out what defines the current market sentiment, and how you can incorporate market
sentiment analysis into your trading.

Strategy 2 – Trend Riding

There is so much more to riding trends than simply closing your eyes and buying
at any point during an uptrend or short-selling at any point during a downtrend.
This chapter shows you how you can jump on a trend when the trend is the most
robust, rather than when it is about to end. This way you can ride a trend with a
higher chance of success.

Strategy 3 – Breakout Fading

Many false breakouts occur in forex price charts, and the occurrence of these
fakeouts provides the perfect opportunity for fading breakouts, that is, trading
against those breakouts. In this chapter, I explain why most breakouts fail, and how
you can identify high-probability fading opportunities.

Strategy 4 – Breakout Trading

When currency prices break out of certain price levels, a large sustained move in
the direction of the breakout may occur, giving rise to a situation whereby big
profits could potentially be captured in the least amount of time. The main problem
with trading breakouts is that many of these breakout attempts fail. In this chapter I walk you through several guidelines of how you can better identify potential breakout opportunities for this strategy.

Strategy 5 – Decreased Volatility Breakout

This strategy is conceptually similar to the strategy of breakout trading, because in
in both cases the trader will be hoping for a successful price breakout. This particular
strategy, however, requires that the forex market registers a period of relative calm
and low volatility before the strategy is to be implemented.

Strategy 6 – Carry Trade

This is a fundamental trading strategy that is highly favoured by institutional
investors. In this chapter, I explain how a carry trade works, and highlight some
points which you should keep in mind when adopting this strategy in the forex

Strategy 7 – News Straddling

The forex market is extremely sensitive to economic and geopolitical news from around the world, especially those which relate to the industrialised countries. The underlying reason why news is so important to forex trading is that each new piece of information can potentially change the trader’s perceptions of the current and/or future situation relating to the outlook of certain currency pairs. Find out how you can trade news releases with a higher probability of success.

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