5 apps to earn cryptocurrencies on your smartphone


Apr 5, 2021
Here are 5 apps to earn cryptocurrencies on your smartphone. The only thing you need is your smartphone and an internet connection, of course.

If you don’t want to break your head with cryptocurrency mining, and you still want to earn cryptocurrencies easily, then these 5 apps will please you!

Everyone loves the idea of putting a little extra crypto in their wallet, especially if you don’t have to buy any.

Lately, many apps that allow you to earn cryptocurrency have appeared. As with games to win bitcoin, these apps make it easy for you to earn

  1. Birdchain: Earn cryptocurrency for engagement

Birdchain rewards you for your attention and commitment in a simple and fun way.

It’s really a well-made application technically and also from a design point of view. Concretely, it is quite similar to Storm.

You’ll have to answer surveys, watch ads and do small tasks to receive BIRD tokens.

But more than a content and incentive marketing platform, this platform seeks to popularize the blokckchain to the greatest number.

Thus, in the app, there is a tab to discover a glossary on cryptocurrencies. Also, owning a crypto is the best way to learn about it, for the most novice.

Birdchain is an all-in-one app where you are rewarded for interacting with the content, discovering and learning the technology, and keeping or trading your BIRD.

Worth a try, right?

Get Birchain android app on Google play store

Official Birdchain website

Birdchain on Coinmarketcap

Birdchain on Coinmarketcap

2. Storm: Earning made simple


Do you like the idea of earning crypto-currencies just by taking short surveys (directly on the app) or by trying out apps?

That’s exactly what the Storm app allows you to do. I really like this platform already by its design. Very functional and intuitive, it is extremely easy to use?

You can use this application on your iPhone, your Android application or simply via your laptop.

You are rewarded for each action in the form of the Bolts token (the Storm token). The good news is that you can also withdraw your funds in Bitcoin or Ethereum. Admit it, that’s pretty good, right?

3. Sweatcoin: earn while you walk


One of the most popular apps that allows you to earn cryptocurrencies right now is Sweatcoin – and I have personally tried it. This app allows you to earn a new crypto called Sweatcoin. To earn it, all you have to do is simply walk around outside.

As you walk, the app measures your footwork on your mobile device. Each 1,000 steps you walk equals 0.95 Sweatcoins.

You can choose to withdraw money on Paypal, spend money on sponsor offers or buy Amazon gift cards with them. You can even buy Apple Watachs and other items, and that’s just the beginning!

The disadvantages of this app is that it can take on your battery and you will have to walk a lot to earn a lot of sweatcoin.

However, it’s still a good application if you’re new to crypto and want to get some free cryptos.

And, then, even if you win 100 or 1000 euros Amazon gift card, after 6 months, it’s already that, right? Besides, walking is good for your health so…

4. Aircoins


The Aircoins application is one of the first applications dedicated to Augmented Reality. This mobile application allows users to interact with the world around them in an engaging and rewarding way.

Similar in idea to Pokemon Go, you can find tokens nearby on the map, then switch to AR mode to collect those tokens (with interesting sound effects).

You can also send, receive and store your tokens in the app, which serves, in effect, as your wallet.

The Aircoins app has a really easy user interface and search experience when using the app.

Users like to see the 3D coin spinning when they open the app and use it.

You can also withdraw your coins “to an external supported ERC20 wallet” like Trust Wallet for example.

5. Captive App: Augmented Reality, it pays off!


In the same line, here is another application to earn cryptocurrencies with your smartphone that will delight those who love augmented reality.

Captive App also has a built-in wallet to store, send and receive tokens. They have a map and an AR mode to collect tokens.

One difference that sets Captive App apart from other AR apps is its built-in Marketplace where you can buy physical items (clothes, music, gift cards, etc.).

Captive App is also designed to be used in a variety of sectors (e.g. retail, travel and tourism, education, etc.). This universality allows users and brands to be creative.

In fact, the founders of CaptiveApp have the idea of incorporating marketing campaigns with major brands.

So much for apps that allow you to earn cryptocurrencies with your smartphone.