3 Simple Smart Money Concepts To Trading Order Blocks


Mar 30, 2022
Austin, TX
So order blocks are like the cornerstone to trading smart money concepts. They are not the holy grail, but I found that if you create a system and stick to a set of rules you would be able to master order blocks.

Order blocks are used as another form of supply & demand where your bullish order block is a demand zone and bearish order block can be seen as a supply zone.

When setting up an order block, you need to specify the following:

- The currency pair you want to trade

- The price at which you want your order executed

- Your chosen time frame for when the order should be executed

Here are the 3 things you need to look for when trading order blocks:

1. Stop Hunt
2. Imbalance
3. Return to Orgin

You can watch this video below to get more details.

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