3 Great Investments for the Future: Nuclear, Oil & Copper


Master Trader
Apr 17, 2013

#1. Nuclear is Going UP.

“You may not be interested in nuclear,” said Byron, “but nuclear is interested in you.”

This is a sector that’s strong, showing no signs of letting up.

→ Long-term underinvestment (undervalued)

→ Rising demand (especially in China)

→ Geopolitical trends in its favor (Russia as a supplier)

→ Yellowcake price going up.

→ New technology for nuke power on rise (SMR)

Summary: Nuclear is a good place to be.

#2. Oil is Going UP.

Byron’s bullish on oil for many of the same reasons.

→ Long-term underinvestment

→ “Renewables will NOT DO IT!!!”

→ (They’re not really renewable)

→ Legacy companies politically disfavored

The well-run oil companies basically have a license to mint cash.

Even more, says Byron: “They will sell their kidneys before they cut dividends. Write that down.”

The Big Oil companies that are well-run will make you money.

It’s as simple as that.

#3. Copper is Going UP.

Finally, there’s copper.

“While water is life,” said Byron, “electricity is quality of life. Electricity means copper. In order to go green, you have to go red.”

In copper, we’re seeing a perfect storm. The low-hanging fruit has been picked.

→ Depleting ore deposits

→ Higher input costs

→ Rising energy costs

→ Rising labor costs

→ Water scarcity around the world

In short, says Byron: “Copper is a GREAT place to be.”

Author: Chris Campbell

Source: AltucherConfidential