154 pips using the Science of Chaos on 1st Nov

Hi all

Here below is a trade using the Science of Chaos (developped as a strategy by Bill Williams)

The indies:

* The Awesome Oscillator (on MT4) ! It shows the momentum (on my chart i have a elaborated version of the AO).
* The Fractals (on MT4) A fractal is a set of five bars where the third bar is preceded and followed by two lower bars (for high fractal). This frame shows clearly the levels of resistance and support, as well as entry and exit points (on my chart i dont have the fractal but a Fractal Box: This is the gray area between the upper fractal and the lower fractal)
* The Alligator. It consists of three moving averages shown in green, red and blue lines- lips, teeth and jaws. It is intended to help spot trending and rounge-bound markets.

Method in brief:
* Trend following strategy: You enter the market when the trend is confirmed in the higher time frame (for example M5 for trades on M1, H4 for trades on H1)
* Valid on all time frames

We enter the market when the price breaks through the fractal Box and when:
* Entry is ok when the trend is confirmed on the higher TF
* The Stop Loss, on the other side of the fractal box, must be close to the entry level
* Entry must be while the Alligator is asleep to get the start of the move

The trade:
The trend is short on H1. We look for an entry on M15. The Alligator is asleep. Our entry is at the first break of the fractal Box (The Stop Loss is at the other side of the Box = 20 pips = 1%). The pice drops then take a pause before dropping again and breaks a new level of the fractale Box (Addon= Second entry with a Stop Loss above the green line at 20 pips = 1%).
Our exit signal, we close the trade at the break of the upper level of the fractal Box for 94 + 60 = 154 pips = 7.7%of profit!

Thanks for watching


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