100 Forex Brokers Data Base


Sep 1, 2013
We at 100forexbrokers.com work to provide you the best and most complete forex brokers data base in order to make things easier for you as rookie, seasoned or professional trader who is keen on this wonderful world of trading.

Here you can compare each broker characteristic side by side or search them for broker general info such as country, broker type and regulation; account specifications; trading conditions; trading tools and much more.

When you have two or three candidates to be your broker, we help you to decide the one that will lead you to wealth, both with our “How to choose a Forex broker | 5 practical steps” article or with the “broker review” section.

Remember that you can also start and continue your forex education with us reading our articles that describe with more detail every single characteristic that the brokers offer so you get a deeper understanding of what you are having when you hire a broker.

At last but not least you can share your thoughts or ask any question you have and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the most useful answer so trading is where you are focused.

With all said, why don’t you give us a look?