position size calculator

  1. Oatmeal123

    Position size question

    Let's say i have 10k and i want to open a position of 2% risk with a stop loss of 9.58 pips, so based on the calculator it would as the above picture, My position size would be 2.08 lots? However when entering a demo trade on MT4, my maximum position size allowed is only 1.67 on a 1:20 leverage...
  2. Poker_player

    Where is my calculation mistake? Backtesting loss does not match calculation.

    here is USDJPY short open and closed at SL. So dayly swap eats 6.15 usd. Account is in usd. From jan 22 to feb 6 it has been 17 swaps. There is no commision. So my math is 6.15*17+52.5=157.05 but position loss is 175.48. What am I missing? I am not sure if swap usd per lot is changing...
  3. Enivid

    Position Size Calculator

    Discuss Position Size Calculator indicator (automated Forex calculator of the position size for MetaTrader) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here. Update 2019-03-19: And here is the tutorial video for those struggling to install PSC in their MetaTrader platform...