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    If you are looking for a good broker...

    Yes i agree, But somehow there will be a time that being with regulated brokers has advantages, protecting traders like you and me. regulatory agencies are there to prevent fraudulent behavior or help us if we get scammed and cheated out of our hard earned money this is govern by National...
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    Finding out

    Hello, How do you claim your rights (if breached) by an off-shore regulator?
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    Brokers vs Traders

    Definitely! There's a high chance that big players can somehow manipulate financial markets. I just wish i am wrong.
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    history log of ticks for algorihm

    History is really relevant.
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    Trading Platform for FX Options (Vanilla)

    I think it's exciting.
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    Social Media can Affect Market Behavior

    Actually a lot. One click can turn the world around.
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    About forex affiliate programs...

    It depends on the place and look for a good broker. Ok. Thanks.
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    New Zealand Credit Card Spending

    We'll let's see.
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    Were you surprised by the Australian employment report?

    It really happens. But with an industrialized country, for sure it will progress after this.
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    USDJPY Correction

    It's good that this was brought up.
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    Do you keep up with interest rate decisions?

    Studying concepts then following the techniques of others.
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    Did the NFP report take you by surprise?

    There are ups and downs and we'll learn from it.
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    What to do after losing in trading?

    Don't give up. Focus on your shortcomings.
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    Looking for good charting package!!

    Wow. I wanna try that as well.
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    Are there any qualifications in Forex?

    Yeah thanks for the ideas as well.
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    If Your'e Not In, You Can't Win

    If you will not try nothing will start.
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    Can we trust a broker based on regulation

    Always be cautious whatever it is.
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    Brokers vs Traders

    @UMAF well said. Thanks for sharing your thought on the thread. I believe that it is us who are making our own path in Forex. We can choose whether how we can create winning strategy or to take the same path like the 95% who fail their first quarter in Forex world. Good Luck also to me