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  1. JohnyIve

    Forex beginner

    Hey dude, write me in PM and i'll send you books about forex trading
  2. JohnyIve

    MT4 vs MT5

    Well, traders, i guess the best way is to check out mt 4 and mt 5 independently! I heard Amarkets offers these platforms for trading and educating
  3. JohnyIve

    Useful Forex Trading Tips

    nice tips, many thanks to you :)
  4. JohnyIve

    How to manage Emotions of trading?

    If you can't keep calm in life situatuions even don't think about managing emotions in forex. You have to be patient and tranquil even if you lose depo
  5. JohnyIve

    Forex Brokers MT4

    I know Amarkets offer MT 4 platfotm for trading. And if i'm not mistaken they also provide MT 5 for demo trading :)
  6. JohnyIve

    how we can find good broker

    Yep, totally agree with post above
  7. JohnyIve

    Can I trust an offshore broker?

    I know that Amarkets with offshore registration and he provides really profitable conditions for trading and also FinaCom regulated. I guess a lot of brokers have offshore registration and this is not an indication that this broker is a liar.
  8. JohnyIve

    My tips to trade Forex Successfully

    Hmm, nice tips, thx)
  9. JohnyIve

    how we can find good broker

    If you are a newbie, find a broker with MT 4 or even MT 5 platform (to have an ability for integrating strategies, signals etc.) and at least it must be FinaCom regulated. I heard Amarkets provides traders the same conditions
  10. JohnyIve

    Do not invest a big amount of money

    There is no middle ground. It is or newbies who really sure their invest will multiply soon x10 and they loose or such invest make pro traders who knows exactly they will multiply their money.
  11. JohnyIve

    Regulated Broker

    Yep, totally agree with you
  12. JohnyIve

    Worst time to trade Forex

    Your position might be correct, but rather it's just an emotion. Professional trade always keep their mind free and trade without any emotions.
  13. JohnyIve

    Is Forex stressful?

    Of course it is! But it also depends of your trading strategy and manager in broker you choose. I heard Amarkets helps to avoid stressful situation in their webinars
  14. JohnyIve

    Esprit FX is a Scam!

    Hmm I thought it is good brokers.. Thanks for information :)
  15. JohnyIve

    Why people have big loses in trade?

    Because they make silly mistakes and trade without "free" mind. Of course don't forget about risk and money managment. They just want in one day multiply their deposit x10 and buy a property and buggati but in real world it don't work.
  16. JohnyIve

    What is your main job?

    And now I'm gaming developer and seo copywriter but time to time i still trade with Amarkets to multiply my deposit. Of course i'm not a pro trader but nevertheless I try and everytime i trade i learn smth new.
  17. JohnyIve

    how to choose the right forex broker ?

    Don't forget about regulation systems. It's really necessary when you have some conflicts with CS or private manager or if your withdrawals blocked.
  18. JohnyIve

    How to Choose the best Broker ?

    Well, it's simple 1. Check Google or Bing for best brokers in your coutry 2. Check the reviews (also don't forget about quantity and quality) 3. Choose the best one This is how I learned about amarkets and still trade with it :)
  19. JohnyIve

    5 Ways to find a good broker.

    Yep, totally agree with the post below
  20. JohnyIve

    Tickmill cryptocurrency trading - anybody tried?

    Only if it regulated...