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    After withdraw profit what you do ???

    you need to enjoy the fruit of labor.Forex trading is tasking job so you need to relax and enjoy your profits once in a while.
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    What it takes to become a successful forex trader?

    It take quite some time to master FX very well. It is very broad. You need to study and practice with a live account say micro account and avoid demo account cos there is no emotion involve.

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    Brokers - Which Do You Use??

    I also share your view.I only trade for my broker(GDMFX) and I am pretty much satisfied trading with them.And at least I can focus a lot with my account with them.:)
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    What is the Role of Forex Broker?

    A broker is middle man that matches up buyers and sellers for forex transactions. There are are several types of forex brokers, but the main job is the same, give buyers and sellers access to the forex trading market.
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    Are there Forex brokers with unlimited demo practice accounts?

    You are absolutely right and to add up,demo can give you a chance to try out trading with no risk and should be used by every trader who is seriously considering trading for real. You can try out different trading strategies or alternatively develop your own, and determine whether fx trading is...
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    Which is the best forex broker to start Forex Trading?

    Very good advice.One should do his own reseach and background check of his broker of choice,I think it is due diligence on our part.And demo are really good to test a broker's platform and features.
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    Patience is a must in forex

    Most newbies who start trading want profits and they want it quickly and in huge amounts. Patience in forex is the ability to wait for a favorable outcome. It is a very important quality because if you lack patience,it oftenly leads to unsound decisions,blown accounts and the superiority of...
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    Brokers - Which Do You Use??

    These are really good criteria for choosing a good broker.And I do agree with last one,good customer service support.Forex operates 24 hrs a dy except weekends so we must go for broker who have good customer service to answer our queries.
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    If you are looking for a good broker...

    I do agee.It will be safer to go with a regulated broker.At least there is a regulatory body linked to the gov't that oversees their activities and tends to them if there is a major complaint about them a trader/traders.My broker gdmfx(au) is regulated by ASIC so I feel safe trading with them.
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    What to do after losing in trading?

    Yeah,I agree.Take your loss,have a break.Then study and analyze what went wrong in your trading plan.Try to learn from your losses and come up with a better trading plan.
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    Why do Forex Traders Lose Money

    I think one reason why traders lose money is because the majority have little self-control and cannot resist the temptation to over-trade.Most greed for more profits and ends up losing big chunk on their capital.One way to manage our trading capital is for us being realistic in our profit...
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    Why do Forex Traders Lose Money

    Many traders lose money because of their failure to manage risk.
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    Common mistakes in trading

    That is why chosing the right broker is a challenge. Deciding on the right forex broker is very important for it could affect your trading experience considerably.
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    6 things to ask your Forex Broker

    Great!I choose my broker because it provides high-end servers and gigabytes network transfer to ensure us to face minimal or no re-quotes.
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    Useful TIPS For Forex Beginners - by FXNET.

    Thanks for sharing this useful tips/guides and I really like the last one,logic trading over emotional trading.Emotions,like greed may lead your forex capital to be blown-out.Try to be realistic in your profit expectations.
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    Which One is More Harmful? Fear or Greed?

    Both are harmful but I think greed is more harmful.Fear could preserve your capital but you'll not earn because you're holding out on possible winnable trades while greed may totally blow your account out in an instant.
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    how to choose the right forex broker ?

    A good customer service.Forex occurs 24 hours daily.A broker's customer service should be available at anytime to answer our queries.
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    How do you handle your losses?

    Every trader experiences losses.You cannot avoid losses,it is normal, analyse and study every loss and try to get some lessons.Lessons will create future profit in forex.Take a break from trading if you find yourself too emotional, or reduce your position sizes until confidence is regained.
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    Do not afraid to loss

    Well said!How you react to a loss decribes you as a kind of a trdaer you are.After a loss,one should analyze and study what went wrong and plan a solution so you wont be making the same mistakes again.