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    Can I doing Forex ?

    Learn the basic idea of Forex trading via e-books and videos. Keep on practicing with the demo account until you can minimize the lost. Find a broker that can give you with free deposit.
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    Are you getting positive results all the time?

    Forex business is that kind of business in which no one can get positive results all time because it is much harder business. And our little mistakes lead into negative results. So myself also not getting positive results from forex all the time.
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    Success and risk in every business...

    No risk no gain. success and risk in every business. I think risk is the part of business. without risk how you gain. so if you to be success then take risk of any kind of business.
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    Are you getting positive results all the time?

    no.. i not get positive results all the time because this is forex bussiness ..& this means loss and profit .. sometimes we don't known about maket status .... if you are having more losses that profits i recommed that you can stop trading on your real account and practice more on a demo...
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    Is every one can do forex trading?

    Yes dear you are right forex trading business for every one and do any where as we know forex trading is a very risky work we need to first learn and understand the forex trading rules and techniques then we will be able to success in such a good earning market. The big advantage of forex...
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    Demo Account or Live Account? Any Comments?

    Demo account is best for learning purpose. You should test your emotion when you will trade real, not when you are learning. You should test you forex strategy and techniques with demo account first. If you find that your strategy is working fine, then you move to real account. Remember...
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    commodity is best but risky why?

    I agree with you that commodity is very risky but including gold has the potential to benefit a large and often a lot of traders who trade their gold and have the ability to make a profit in their trade better
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    When did you start trading?

    start with a demo meantime philip. This is the best way to gather knowledge and appropriate skills and also strategies. You will learn more faster by opening a demo account. Good luck
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    Is Gambling Possible in Forex Market??

    right philip- I think gambling has no place here in the Forex market. Gamblers are those who are relying onto their luck with their investments, or let us say clearly a ''bet''. Traders are not making bets here since we are all here analyzing markets making one good strategies to earn our...
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    time frame

    I like your motto- interesting and rarely very good one. i have the same motto as yours. I would be better off using a manual trade. with a manual trade, I will be able to assess my skills and abilities in the trade. if i had an error, I would be an easy fix and I was not lazy to analyze the...
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    Is Gambling Possible in Forex Market??

    Hi friends, I see, some people are asking me either we doing gambling or not?...I just laughed at them, and replied, are the gamblers rich enough to control the world's largest money market? .....actually, is it possible to make gambling here?? what do you think friends?
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    Can a Trading Coach really make a difference for you?

    I don't think so. i learned trading in forex by myself as i was searching for forex information in many sites and forums which provide good information about forex , then i tried demo trading for a period and got good experience in this business .
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    I need advise

    I am not biased but from experience, i have traded using many robots, yes they make profit but i found no robot that would make consistent (not 100% but at least 70%) profits. These robots made quick pips but would lose them all in a matter of days!!! I am sticking to manual self trading and...
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    How to use Fibonacci

    i have seen many traders the fibo series, but i am still confused on the ways it might work. so the levels form a support or resistance for the pair? so if the pair crosses a certain level like the 50. then we should buy the pair and trade it to the next level ?
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    Where to begin Forex. I have only Basic Idea about currency trading

    you should learn what is forex and lot and margin and pips then you must know and learn how to mange your capital then learn classical analysis then learn some strategies then make demo account and start trading for one month at least try to make your strategy which be according to your...
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    When did you start trading?

    Earning money is the goal for me, but its not easy to do that, the rationale behind strict forex and disciplined trading is money management principle application,a lasting successful trading can not be possible without sound money management
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    Demo Account or Live Account? Any Comments?

    I think the platform of the demo is the same as the real will be almost the same compared to other broker. the only difference you will received is that the leverage and the amount of bonus you will get.
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    The most frustrating thing about forex trading

    yes- sometimes it rarely frustrating sitting in front of the pc and willing the market to move in the right direction really gets to you after a while..
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    is it possible to earn daily profit in ForEx?

    friends-consider it like this. I can say the only chance to earn profit daily is by having very good experience of the forex market and some one with years of experience can make it. I think we should not focus on daily profit and consider all the trades in one month or at least one week. In...
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    Trading Psychology - Mental State, Emotions and Lessons

    I think without a solid plan we should not try to step in the trading as this is our business and it requires solid preparation and planing.the traders who just open the account and try to trade straight away some times end up in deep trouble so it should be our main aim to guard the interests...