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    Why trade in demo not feel any risk??

    In demo your money is not involved so you dont develop any emotional attachment when you are losing and there is no risk.
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    Advantages of using technical analysis in forex

    In technical analysis you study charts of past market actions .With technical analysis you can be able to follow many markets and trade on what you see. And it is very easy to learn and apply.
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    Why do you need a forex trading plan?

    It is good to have a trading plan in forex because some times your emotion might affect on your trading decision when trading and with a trading plan you have total control of your trades. It is very vital for every trader to have a plan.
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    How much trading experience is necessary?

    Experience is very much needed in forex. The more you trade the more you acquire trading experience . Experience in forex cannot be measure every trader need as much as he get in forex to continually earn good profit.
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    First time trader - which broker

    Profiforex meets the requirement you stated . As for leverage you have to be careful using it and since you have less experience you should use less leverage to prevent unwanted losses.
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    Things to consider before choosing a forex broker

    In forex almost all broker offer the same thing but they differ in different ways .It is good that you first understand what you really want as a trader and the type of trader you are when considering a broker.
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    What Forex Broker is the best to trade?

    I am using profiforex . They offer multiple withdrawal options that you can choose from and among them I use bitcoin where I deposit and withdraw without commission. I trade on the mt4 platform.
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    Can demo accounts give us all we need?

    A demo account is a very good learning tool and is very useful for all traders. A demo is a practicing account but it cannot give you all there is about forex trading. If you want to experience real trading you need to open a live account.
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    Forex Brokers Bonuses, can You Really Withdraw them?

    The broker I trade with profiforex offers bonuses especially to new traders but you have the opportunity of trading and earning profit with it. And you can be able to withdraw it.
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    Does Experience Increase Profitability

    Experience can indeed increase your chances of more profitable trades because with more experience one can easily be able to tackle to unplanned situation easily than the less experience trader.
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    Which is better broker?

    Knowing a better broker comes from trading experience. I have not trade with that broker but I do trade with profiforex they good reputable broker .They accept EA on the mt4 platform.
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    How useful are forex forums for you?

    Forex forums is a good avenue for learning. In these forum you have opportunity of getting real trading experience from traders. You can easily ask question and get answers from experienced traders.
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    Which is your favorite broker and why ?

    I have traded few broker since I started trading but my favorite is profiforex. They offer varieties of deposit and withdrawal system that are safe and easy. As during my early trading days I benefited from their online support system due to the un-interrupted attension I received.
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    Demo account; Is it enough for learning?

    I totally agree with you demo account might be useful but not enough if you want to experience real trading to gain the needed experience then one has to go into live trading.
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    Which is the best forex broker to start Forex Trading?

    In looking for a broker to start with I prefer a broker that offers micro account like in profiforex where it is being offered. I actually started with $10 capital that I will be comfortable losing since I lack experience in trading.
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    Trading Forex - Manual Vs Robot

    Forex robot seem to be profitable but not so reliable. I prefer manual trading which i think is the best because you can easily and quickly make trading decision when there is unplanned changes in the market. With manual trading it helps in equiping your trading experience.
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    Brokers - Which Do You Use??

    I want a broker that offer excellent service when it comes to execution of trades and deposit and withdrawal methods that will not give me problem that is why I choose profiforex. They are my best broker.
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    Do you like robot trading?

    I tried using robot but was not comfortable with the result. I find manual trading to be the best since i have to participate and do the trading myself. With manual trading i make the decision myself and feel the fun in trading forex.
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    Why you should not give up forex trading?

    Nothing good comes easy .Forex is a very profitable business and also involve passing through challenges. No matter what problems or loss a trader experience giving up is not an option rather it should be an avenue to put in more effort and be patient.
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    Why demo performance is often better than live performance?

    In demo account, trading is very easy because you you trade without much emotion since your money is not involved with that they have nothing to lose and so most newbie trader do well in demo. But when it comes to live trading they constantly experience the fear of losing money and so lose focus.