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  1. Winjak

    How many theories and (or) indicators do you need?

    better use it with indicators, it gives more precise information.. ema or macd
  2. Winjak

    Top Forex Forums please?

    I like this one, FF, babypips, Donnaforex and FPA. Digitalcashpalace and Moneytalkworld have become a trash for advertisers, as Lenon noticed above... So does Elitetrader that used to be an interesting place earlier
  3. Winjak

    How much does the average forex trader make?

    My personal goal is to achieve 10% monthly profits, I earn less for now, but my system is being improved , so.... hope it will be achieved soon
  4. Winjak

    How difficult forex trading is for you?

    and what has changed that it became interesting and not boring? what happened?
  5. Winjak

    Can demo accounts give us all we need?

    still, the first vary too demo trades are not transfeerred to the interbank
  6. Winjak

    How difficult forex trading is for you?

    The same thing. Maybe they are newbies who are lucky enough to win for now but soon will blow their accounts :)
  7. Winjak

    Blocked Trading Account

    Well, better she was careful with the rules, cause there are more reasons for blocking an account except inactivity. But following the rules will make trading safe. They all differ from broker to broker and can be found of official websites
  8. Winjak

    Can demo accounts give us all we need?

    Not actually 100%, but 70% maybe:) Performance differs and as it was said before, psychology
  9. Winjak

    How many test accounts did you need?

    Anyway, not all the conditions will be clear. Moreover, you can never test your psychology on demo :) They say, many brokers have slightly different charts for demo and live, probable people who say this, used to work with market makers. Though , I've never noticed great difference between my...
  10. Winjak

    Demo Account or Live Account? Any Comments?

    The question may seem ambiguous really , but I personally use demo while live trading to test new strategies, it always needed
  11. Winjak

    Can I trust an offshore broker?

    Offshore doesn't mean unregulated, so yes, why not
  12. Winjak

    How can we handle losses?

    Maybe he thinks that this info is too important to sound once.. But it's obvious
  13. Winjak

    How difficult forex trading is for you?

    I can say that people who write about 'bread and butter' are living in an imaginary world. Trading becomes more familiar and logical with experience, but it's not an easy work, anyway
  14. Winjak

    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    I don't think those guys don't receive their alerts :D However, I was interested to read about someone's real experience..
  15. Winjak

    Forex Markets Can Be Dangerous

    Funny :D But these are incomparable things :)
  16. Winjak

    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    It's obvious, yeah. Still, I wonder why a person is ignoring questions :) I'm interested if some people on this forum read the answers to their posts :D
  17. Winjak

    deposit methods

    Thank you for the reply. i just thought that it may be more risky, cause a broker is not a bank. I am interested in a question of reliability. It's not an urge, but if everything is safe, I would likely to get such a card
  18. Winjak

    deposit methods

    And what about a brokers card? Hafizmd told me that it's more comfortable, but what about risks? Is using them means more risk to me than using my bank card? I am practically sure that there lots of risks. But I'd be very grateful if someone shared his own experience
  19. Winjak

    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    How much time did this process take you , if it's not a secret?
  20. Winjak

    Can demo accounts give us all we need?

    Why not? Use cent accounts for practicing and getting experience, I think that it's even a better option ;)