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  1. Ann

    Is there a better a better company than coinbase?

    The lowest fees, of all that I managed to find, at StormGain.
  2. Ann

    Can Forex help you build a lifetime career?

    Oh! I thought for a long time what to come up with. I formulated my idea. I asked programmers for help and we wrote the code. Then I tested the trading system on charts. Something had to be redone and again turned to the programmers. In this way, though a good, but original and not very...
  3. Ann

    Demo winners vs losers on live accounts

    I meant that the demo has absolute liquidity. On small accounts, excellent liquidity, but not absolute. On large accounts, a lack of liquidity can already be felt in trading.
  4. Ann

    Can Forex help you build a lifetime career?

    I left my job for forex trading. Then I lost my trading account and again looked for work.
  5. Ann

    Should we trade under pressure?

    I do not trade if there is no mood. Sometimes I miss a good market. I don’t know if it is right or wrong. I just do not have the strength at such moments.
  6. Ann

    Trading Forex on Sundays

    This is probably such a joke. On Sunday, Forex does not work, but you can trade cryptocurrencies.
  7. Ann

    traders's mistakes

    A trader must follow his system. How else? You get losses, then in retrospect you start writing down the system input in your errors. You think you should have guessed for some reason that the entrance is false. So you do not have an unambiguous trading system, if you allow thinking over during...
  8. Ann

    How your Forex Profits??

    For July-August I have losses. Alas, these are bad months and I did not need to trade at this time. Or it was necessary to sharply reduce the lot.
  9. Ann

    Demo winners vs losers on live accounts

    Trading on a demo is not very different from trading on a live account. Unless you are going to scalping. All these spread and slippage extensions are not so critical for traders when it comes to 50-100 pips horizons. Initially build your system so that several slippage points do not have...
  10. Ann

    Psychology :Traders brains are wired to lose in trading.

    Very interesting topic. Indeed, it is psychologically more comfortable to catch a reversal and trade against a trend, for example. Also, the trader often makes a small profit of 5-10%, but then loses all 100% in one transaction. But he already managed to rejoice several times in profit, and was...
  11. Ann

    Why Are Support And Resistance So Important For Forex Traders?

    Indicator "support and resistance" It draws support and resistance levels based on Bill Williams' fractals. Very convenient to use.
  12. Ann

    Scalping and its Benefits/Advantages?

    I do not agree that there are some small risks in scalping. There are large lots, and therefore great risks. Scalping stoploss is often much larger than rophytes. Therefore, one stop loss will devalue your achievements for several transactions. Also in scalping is the spread. It eats up a...
  13. Ann

    There Is Something Intriguing About Trading

    No matter how much you study, the game will still remain a game. You are either aware of what you are participating in, or walking on a rainbow riding a pink unicorn. The myth that forex trading can be work was born in the depths of the PR departments of dealing centers, so that it would be...
  14. Ann

    Can you really relax when trading?

    I make very few transactions per month, but I strive to have transactions every day. So far this is one or two transactions per month. My income is 120% per year, or on average it is 10% per month. Why you're asking?
  15. Ann

    What do you think when trading using robots?

    Why? Some traders are perfectly profitable by trading manually. But it is necessary to deal with automatic trading, periodically adjust robots to the market, adjusting the settings ..
  16. Ann

    How to Calculate Risk on Forex

    What is the profitability of a trader at a risk of 2% per trade? Maybe it will be lower than the deposit in the bank? 2% for a trade means that you expect 50 losses in a row. Why do you need so much money to the account? Put the sum of ten losses. And if you lose 10 trades, then consider whether...
  17. Ann

    There Is Something Intriguing About Trading

    Gentlemen, I will disappoint you. Trading is a gamble. Therefore, the trader needs to be able not to get involved, not to get sick with the game, control the risks, enter the game only if the situation is favorable for him. All elements of the game in trading is. This is luck, and calculation...
  18. Ann

    Can you really relax when trading?

    With experience, I stopped being nervous before trading. I'm getting nervous taking losses. This is very annoying. Especially when your open trading position went into a big minus. When I lose small trading accounts in contests, I get upset too. And I usually start trading with the feeling that...
  19. Ann

    What do you think when trading using robots?

    The robot always monitors the market, does not miss trading signals, does not get tired. Allows the trader to go about their business. But it is very difficult to write a robot the way I want it. I need to have perfect programming skills. Traders often write ritual robots - averaging grid or...
  20. Ann

    Why you should not give up forex trading?

    I do not want to give up trading because I get a profit from this. If I had a loss, maybe I would have refused. Trading is interesting to me, it is not just a hobby, but also leisure. I like to participate in trading contests, get emotions from successful trades.