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    high leverage high risk ?

    HIgh leverages are good but how to utilise it is to be understood first, thats why only experienced trader should go for it.
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    In a new offer liteforex will select three accounts a week and if they had maken a negative trade hen it will be refunded and if its a positive trade then they will deposit double the profit.
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    Do you use Excel tables for improving your trading?

    Yeah i use excel to manage my accounts and to refer my trading related datas, you can manage well in excel sheets thats why its good make data in excel.
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    Daily Market Outlook by Solid Trust Markets

    NZDUSD has been on a bearish trend and it might continue to do so, It is still good for making short trades and has to wait for a future trend.
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    Why you should not give up forex trading?

    Yeah you might feel like leaving it in the beginning as you might loose sometimes but as you spend time in the market you will start earning slowly.
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    Gold News

    Gold prices were down a bit there are bullish signs which suggest that gold prices may push price further up.
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    Daily Market Outlook by Solid Trust Markets

    NZDUSD has been trading in a volatile manner as there is good amount of Brexit on this pair.
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    How difficult forex trading is for you?

    Trading is a difficult task and initially its very difficult to understand but as you spend some time in the market you can understand it and trade well, but even though its very difficult.
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    Demo Account or Live Account? Any Comments?

    earning is different thing for earning you have to first go though the basic and those basic are cleared when you trade in Demo account as it give a real market experience to the trader.
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    Market news by Solforex

    NZD has been strong and it seems tat the bullish signs will push the price up.
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    What time frames are better to trade on?

    Choosing time frame depend on the comfort of the trader, it depends when you are free to trade so that you can concentrate on your trades.
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    Importance of Demo Accounts

    Demo accounts are very good as they give a real market experience to trader, trader could understand market behaviour. It also helps experienced traders in checking with their trades or predictions of market movement.
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    New updated version of MT4 has been released by liteforex, older version will not be supported after 1st July, do check website for more details.
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    Gold News

    Gold prices have been fallen a bit sharply as there is a good amount of resistance at this level, and in the present scenario it might continue to do so.
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    FxNet Daily Market News

    NZDUSD has been facing a lot of resistence but it has managed to recover some ground recently, there might be some buying opportunity soon.
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    Did you earn from Forex?

    In the beginning it was a bit tuff to earn from the market but as you gain experience you learn to place good trade, but still its a tuf ask.
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    What is the pros and cons of using high leverage?

    See basically when you use leverages your investment gets higher according to the leverage given and you can now have large capital to invest, but at the same time if you loose using high leverage you have to repent in multiples.
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    Psychology in trading

    Yeah you should be in best mental state for trading or else you might fix wrong trades.
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    How do I exit a trade?

    It comes with experince the more you trade the more you learn about when to enter and exit trades, you have to be patient for that.
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    ROI 200% for newbies?!

    Such figures are very hard to trust as gaining such results in forex market is extremely difficult.