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    Early success in forex is worse than early failure

    I guess most of us agree that an early success is not the best way to start in Forex, because this only can lead to an overconfident and huge losses later on. Step by step is always the key to success.
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    How much trading experience is necessary?

    I also think it will depend on each trader. Experience goes after learning, and the time needed to gain the enough experience in order to become a successful trader will depend on many factors: trader's skills, trading style, the patience and discipline of each trader and so on.
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    Which is the best forex broker to start Forex Trading?

    There are lots of ECN and regulated brokers who offer very low deposits and good conditions to start trading. I have tried demo accounts with Exness and HotForex and they seem good.
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    What Is the Right Time to Trade?

    Totally agree with you. The best time for trading will always be given by your currency pair and your trading style and plan. My favorites trading hours are between 7am and 12pm GMT, when both NY and London are open.
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    Are you still biased for EUR/USD trading?

    EUR/USD is still the main currency pair in my trading and I don't think this is going to change for the time being, because I'm still profitable with it.
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    Trade in group or single ?

    I don't doubt that trading in group has its advantages, however I'm a single trader. I like to be the only one person responsible of my trade results (for better or worse).
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    Does your broker give you support in local language?

    Yes, actually it does. Apart from spanish, HotForex offers customer service in many other languages (german, italian, slovak, romanian, polish, korean, filipino....).
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    Forex broker regulations?

    I do think that regulations are a kind of guarantee for traders, however nothing is 100% guaranteed. It is the same as banks and investment funds, they are supposed to be regulated by national authorities and it is not the first time I hear of some of them going to bankruptcy.
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    How do you manage your capital?

    I also follow my personal risk management plan: I don't risk more than 5-10% of my capital in my trades, I use high leverages and stop losses.
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    Why you should not give up forex trading?

    It's true that the main reason to lead a trader to leave the market is because of huge losses. I think everyone should be realistic with their own situations, I'm not sure some of these traders can overcome a losing period if they take the measures needed for that, but others can't. So this is...
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    How do you plan on improving your forex trading in 2015?

    I'm determined to keep learning, try to be more patient and control my emotions in a better way.
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    How much trading experience is necessary?

    Totally agree, that's why it takes a long while to get a successful trader, you need to gain first years of experience to better your trading, learn from your mistakes and avoid to repeat them.
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    Why demo performance is often better than live performance?

    There are some factors that affect live trading that are not in demo, that's why people should take it easy with live and use demo only for their practice.
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    Should we trade under pressure?

    I don't think trading under pressure is the best scenario possible, however sometimes we still need to trade and make decisions at that point. In order to improve our emotional management under stressful situations it is good to learn and read literature specific for that.
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    Is there gender discrimination in forex

    Regarding the adverts I think it is more about social stereotypes than a discrimination, because in the backoffice I don't feel that women are treated in a different way than men.
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    Why trade in demo not feel any risk??

    I guess the risk comes out when you trade with your real money, which is a huge mistake, because demo accounts give a great opportunity to test your skills and strategy with virtual money before moving to live environment, so people should take it as real as possible.
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    How useful are forex forums for you?

    very useful and enjoyable, because they bring the possibility to share your experiences (good and bad), knowledge and doubts with other people all over the world working just like you in the same market.
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    Forex broker regulations?

    A regulated broker is supposed to have been approved by the corresponding authorities so it can be a good filter in order to choose your broker. However, it is not a 100% guaranty that they are not scam, it is the same as banks and investment funds.
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    Early success in forex is worse than early failure

    In my opinion failure is part of forex and beginners should learn from both success and failure. No success comes with out a couple of bumps and all forex traders (beginners and experts) should always be cautious and stick to a decent risk management plan in order to avoid big loses.
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    Do you like robot trading?

    In my opinion EA work and deliver desired results depending on the strategies used, specially the ones made by ourselves. I personally trade manually but I keep an open mind and don't refuse to use them in the near future.