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  1. RichardTrade

    Does trading require experience?

    With practice we develop our skills and experience so will be able to achieve our goals.Practical knowledge is the effective knowledge for any success.
  2. RichardTrade

    Is this broker reliable?

    And how we will know if they are strong enough?
  3. RichardTrade

    How many test accounts did you need?

    Agree with Maverick!I have also many demo accounts.Only when you trade live you will understand your own strengths and weaknesses(real money involved).
  4. RichardTrade

    What is the pros and cons of using high leverage?

    Yes,I think high leverage only increases your greed which led to losses and disappointment.
  5. RichardTrade

    What time frames are better to trade on?

    Because the lowest timeframes like the minute charts contain the most noise or random unpredictable market movements.But depends on your trading style which you will use
  6. RichardTrade

    Did you earn from Forex?

    Earn profit in forex is not easy.We should have proper knowledge and experience too, so that we will be able to earn from forex.
  7. RichardTrade


    I agree candlestick charts tend to simplify things with a lot greater accuracy.
  8. RichardTrade

    Yadix: is it scam?

    Anyone knows if they are regulated by FSA?
  9. RichardTrade

    Tips for being a Successful Forex Trader

    Well said!!Money management is very important also.
  10. RichardTrade

    How do I exit a trade?

    Establishing profit target levels also trailing stops are a helpful tool for profit taking and limiting losses.
  11. RichardTrade

    If the broker gives high bonuses, its a bad broker?

    Sometimes bonus is just a promotion for brokers to get more clients.To withdraw the bonus there are, a lot of conditions to fulfil .But on the other side when you trade with a good broker bonus can be very helpful.
  12. RichardTrade

    Demo account; Is it enough for learning?

    Thanks for your reply. Do you think high leverage is excellent to learn from?Others suggest that a beginner should use 1 to 1 leverage until they have things worked out.I think if you use 1:1 you need a lot of money to get started.I would appreciate if you can help me with that.
  13. RichardTrade


    What regulatory authority is your brokerage firm registered with, and in what country?I want to know also if you are attached to any bank or lending institution
  14. RichardTrade

    How To Be Successful In Forex

    The first step to that always has been learning and hard works.We have to study completely the forex industry. The whole trading skills and strategy always comes from learning, especially from successful traders who have made the journey before us.
  15. RichardTrade

    Demo account; Is it enough for learning?

    Which account type you will recommend to a beginner like me?
  16. RichardTrade

    Demo account; Is it enough for learning?

    I want to know if there is a difference between demo and live account related to spread and market rates.
  17. RichardTrade

    Tips for being a Successful Forex Trader

    Thank you both. I will check them out.
  18. RichardTrade

    Tips for being a Successful Forex Trader

    Hello, I am personally searching for a Broker based on: Spread/Liquidity Ease and speed of withdrawals Support (professionalism, quality of service). Execution Speed Any suggestions are highly appreciated