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    whtat are the disadvantages of forex?

    This market also has multiple advantages and disadvantages like many other financial markets. According to me, retailers or individual investor should try to take the help from professional broker rather than doing things individually.
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    TRADING FOR OVER 20 YEARS THIS IS WHAT MY SYSTEM LOOKS LIKE! you are very much expertise in Forex trading and market analysis. Also you videos are sharing so many thoughts over this market. Looking forward to get more and more posts here and earn more money without getting into risk factor.
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    Can demo accounts give us all we need?

    Really not. Demo accounts can never provide you the most satisfactory and beneficial services as compared to the paid accounts. Demo account have less facilities and quality services. But being a newbie, you can go for it for few months.
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    How To Be Successful In Forex

    Hey...I am a newbie in Forex trading market. And I want to become more and more successful and make more money through this. And after reading your posts, I think I can go to the RIGHT direction and secure myself from scams.