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    Simplest Example -- Buy/Sell Numbers -- Explain?

    yes, it is not the problem of leverage. The main problem is how to use it. An experienced trader knows how to use leverage and when to use leverage to gain maximum. I would like to suggest you that an experienced trader may open by taking 1:200 leverage but you shouldn't. Don't try to be greedy...
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    Whats good in the market?

    Well, this is good analysis of the chart and thanks for sharing and yah, i also agree with Enivid that the chart is too small to understand. It supposed to be bigger so that we would get clear idea between what chat is indicating and your analysis.
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    Forex & Futures Beginner Guides

    Thanks for sharing. I downloaded it and this is good for a newbie, but if any one who do not know anything about Forex market then i would like to prefer one website called "babypips". This is the best one i used to suggest to every newbie. There are also other website as well and you need to...
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    Do you use Bollinger Bands in your trading

    Yes, i use. This is nice indicator in order to judge the volatility of the market. This is very small tool that indicate whether the market is volatile or not. When the market remain calm then brand become squeeze and on the other hand when market start unstable then brand become expand. To me...
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    Tips for Newbies

    Really good point. I would like to add one more point over here. Forex is not a steady market. In fact this is well known as ever changeable market. It does not matter how much experience you have in this market or how long you have been trading in this market. what matter most is that you need...
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    Tips for Newbies

    99% newbie fails because of entering this market without learning or having assumption. It is true Forex is not for all. You need to be 100% emotional free. You need to know how to read what market is saying instead of what your mind is saying to you. There is really no short cut way to earn...
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    Can demo accounts give us all we need?

    No, it is not possible. The real fact is demo trade actually essential for every newbie to learn the basic regarding how Forex trade works. Keep in mind that there is a real difference between demo trade and real trade, but if you are sincere and learn demo trading well then there is a...
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    question regarding live account

    This is not a real problem you are facing. One of the main challenges usually a newbie face is to find out a good and reputable brokers. I wold like to suggest you forget about currency and concentrate more on brokers Forex at this stage. You can easily convert CAD to USD, so it is not a big...
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    Markets Adjusting to TA

    Good point! Just use those indicators those are necessary according to your trading style and platforms. If you use too much indicators it would just confuse you at the end of the day to take better decision.
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    US Bankruptcy

    You are right and thanks for sharing all those links. They also need to fix some other issues if they want to come back strongly to world's economy. I also read couple of other articles and it says that the government and other agencies are now taking some good policies to come back strongly...
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    What do you dislike most about MT4?

    Despite of having some awesome advantage of using MT4 platform, there is one problem i suffer most. I can't set two orders and tell platform to cancel the one when the other triggers. In order to get this purpose, I need to create a custom expert advisor or script, which is not the convenient as...
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    Do you only trade forex?

    Beside Forex trading i am have couple of projects based on Internet Marketing. I have an SEO and Web development firms and I have been running all of my business successfully. There are lots of people who usually come to us to promote his website, on the other hand there are lots of people who...
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    Yen Strength

    The depreciation of the yen may be a step in the right direction as the authorities try to stimulate some growth. However, japan still faces many stiff challenges until it breaks out of its period of deflation. It has an aging and shrinking population and cumbersome regulations that make the...
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    US Economy on the road to recovery

    Well, they are trying but the brutal truth is that expectations usually does not come as they were expected. The time frame you had mentioned it is not obvious to me as still they have to deal with lots of issues in order to come back strongly in world's economy and it would not be easy, but...
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    Yes, there are also couple of more ways to invest your money. In stock market there is a real problem and the real problem is that stock market is such a market where any third party can manipulate and take away lots of money, but Forex is such a market where there is no possibility to...
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    How much time you spent for trading ?

    It depends to trader to trader. If you are a newbie then you should spend more time in order to learn Forex trading as much as possible as you can but if you are an experienced traders then you should better spend your time to analyzing charts, indicators etc and find out much better trading...
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    How to control greed?

    I agree with you completely and i believe if anybody follow strong money management then it is possible to check greediness. I would share couple of points over here so that it would help every trader to manage his money in better way: 1. Take small amount of risk or calculated risk in each of...
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    Spending more time in Forex threads, will increase your knowledge in trading

    I believe a newbie should learn Forex trading both practically and theoretically. A new reader should concentrate on learning instead of earning. The more he would learn the more he would able to prepared himself in this market and yes if he joins in various forums and share his views and...
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    Do not afraid to loss

    Dude, take a calculated risk. That is quite different from being rush. Yes, even the most experienced trader can't win each of every trade they open but does it mean that you need to measure the depth of a sea by your two feet?
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    Currency Trading Courses Can Benefit You

    Yes, i agree with you. There are lots of training institution but a few of them are providing great services to beginners. I just like to share one thing over here, now a days it is not hard to find out and learn anything from the internet. You can learn almost anything from Forex. Before going...