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    Doesn’t It Look Like a Big Scam? Is There Any Alternative to Forex?

    I still think that fx market is the most free, open and so the best market. How can a tiny group of brokers control the market? I think government may do that though. To predict the future prices is impossible all the time. It's just a question of probability.
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    Should I stay or should I go?

    Yeah, I agree. Numbers 3 and 4 are the answers if you don't want to lose more. I think it applies to many aspects of our trading, business, work and life. If we find something goes wrong, of course we should stop it and to look for why, and then try other methods to check the results , finally...
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    SourceCode Forex Managed Account

    Thank you for your introductions. I've browsed your website, and found some spelling mistakes. I hope you can check them to make your website more professional. All the best
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    How many hours per day to you trade?

    same as you. I don't stay all time facing computer. keep relax, sometimes I can gain more.
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    SourceCode Forex Managed Account

    Thanks. Can you tell me something about your risk management?
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    How Forex Trade works?

    I have Ebooks. and you can download it on many places too. I think it's better to try search it on before ask here. Good luck, my friends
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    You can try learning section of forums.
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    does the forum pay for posting?

    well, thanks. I see it now. I think if it pays for posts, many people would flood here.
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    SourceCode Forex Managed Account

    wow, well done, my friend. I'm interested in your service. I'll add your skype to talk to you for more. keep it!
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    does the forum pay for posting?

    I'm new here too. just curious, why should the forum pay for posting?
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    can you give up forex trading?

    I think traders have the ability to make a living without trading. Though the forex market disappear, we find other work too. Good like, my friends