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    Trading binary options

    Check this article that explains them: [link removed] They seem good, but I'm hesitating about going life because I haven't heard any good comments with the guys who already made a deposit, I'm not sure, they said is like betting, and being honest, some of them are regulated by gambling...
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    New to forex, can you help please?

    Try many strategies, the best is the one that you can dominate while making money, of course, do it in a demo, this will boost your forex knowledge.
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    which Forex Broker is good for new start ?

    You still have to consider a lot of things, not only the deposit, for example, going with a demo, one that does not expire like with fxcm( or 1LotSTP (, check a further list here ([link removed]). Also you need to know which type of broker you want...
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    Can demo accounts give us all we need?

    Well, a demo can give you practice, knowledge and experience, but as some have already said, there's something missing, and that's the emotional thing, no demo can show/give you the feelings and emotions that a live account has, still I'd say that a demo gives you 95% of what u need.
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    PLN, HUF, CZK, TRY ???

    Personally I follow and trade the MXN because is my own currency, but I also trade SEK and NOK, which are not that common, as you say, following the macroeconomic data helps you a lot, though, is also true that high spreads kill you, but only if you like to scalp, with longer strategies they...
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    How do i know genuine Brokers???

    Though regulation is not everything I think it's pretty important, of course is not the same to be regulated by US SEC or the well respected FINMA than to be with FFMS or by an offshore law, however, don't let this fool you, as I've said in other threads I had bad experiences with SEC brokers...
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    Withdraw speed? Any experiences?

    With no question Paypal is the fastest, but I think that I trust more if it's through the old bank wire
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    Withdraw speed? Any experiences?

    I had a really bad experiences with (GAINCapital), they charged me the fee like thrice and the money took almost a month to appear in my bank account. Not really good service and no answers why this happened.
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    100 Forex Brokers Data Base

    We at work to provide you the best and most complete forex brokers data base in order to make things easier for you as rookie, seasoned or professional trader who is keen on this wonderful world of trading. Here you can compare each broker characteristic side by side or...