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    Difference between Demo account and Demo Contest

    Demo is the 1st stage for novice Forex trader, and demo contest is the next! Even, novice traders can skip this stage, maximum traders do so! They start their live trading after completing their demo, but trading contest is a good option for judging trading skill!
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    Have you introduced to your family and friends to Forex or not?

    Yes I did, unfortunately I didn’t get my family support in my early stage of trading! My parents didn’t believe on online income! By the way, now I am doing my live trading so smoothly because of my consistent performance in Forex business! On the other hand, only my close friends know the...
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    Are you satisfied with your income in Forex?

    Yes, I am quite satisfied on my monthly percentage but I have a plan to increase my trading target in the upcoming August! Actually, I increase my monthly target in a year for one time only! Now I am trading with 15% monthly target, from August it will be around 18%!
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    Do you think you can do Forex business anytime?

    As a news trader, high voltage news sessions are relevant sessions for me! Yes, I enjoy volatile trading hours a lot! Besides, yes I am also interested on morning trading if there have any important fundamental event! I trade based on market sentiment!
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    Common mistakes in trading

    It can be , if anyone emphasis on regulation when choosing a broker , he or she has make sure UK or US regulation , because they are real regulated and always guarantee their clients funds.
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    Are you superstitious when trading

    I believe, it’s a knowledge based profession! So, when I lose a trade then I try to find out my trading mistake, I don’t believe on luck actually! So, it’s not my trading personality to believe on this parameter!
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    The biggest take profit

    1st of all, I set my TP and SL based on pips calculation! For being a swing trader I am use to with big TP and SL positions! Till now, my biggest TP position is 540 pips (last months on Gold)! In addition, I got this TP after 13 days! By the way, I also use scalping opportunities of market!
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    What do you think when trading using robots?

    For me, only manual trading is real! Frankly, I am not interested on automatic trading! Yes, I need to make dealing with my emotions and greed while I do manual trading. But I am quite happy on my manual trading process, since I am improving gradually! By the way, I know robot trading is also...
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    5 Tips for forex beginner

    It would be better if we gain knowledge before live trading. Demo account we the beginners can take for acquiring real trading knowledge but practically maximum forex newcomers ignore this trading place and kick off their live trading with practicing it. As a result they fall a great loss when...
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    5 Tips for forex beginner

    No 3. Regulated broker If anyone interested about regulated trading broker , I think he or she have to ensure the broker which is regulated by the US or UK, because they are real regulated trading platform and always guarantee their clients funds.
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    Finding successful forex strategy

    You can find a successful trading strategy from various sources , but if you want to get maximal result by your trading strategy first of all you have to make sure real money managing plan , otherwise that’s not possible at all to make profit with consistency despite of having most successful...
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    What leverage is the best and which one did you use?

    Well, my trading equity is above 50K! That means, I have enough spaces here for using standard trading lot size! This is way, right now I am using 1:50 leverage in my live trading account! By the way, I am not against of high leverage facility, if you strategy supports you high trading leverage...
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    Is the trading psychology your biggest enemy?

    Well, in my demo account I worked on technical, fundamental and sentimental analysis with details! As a result, know I know, how to deal with emotions and greed! In addition, now I can control my emotions after losing a big trade! Now I focus on my whole trading process not on any specific trade...
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    How to prevent the risk of loss?

    Learning is the best policy here! Like, in my early stage of trading I used only 1% risk then my success ratio was only 60%! But right now I am using 3% risk with 75% success ratio, because of my technical and news trading knowledge! Without knowledge, 1% risk reward ratio is risky! So, learn...
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    Hello to every one

    Nice to see here Sharabela,I see you have more than 5 years trading experience, really great! I hope, you’ll also share here your personal trading experience! But I have a question for you, why you are using this market as a part time trader since you have already 6 years trading experience...
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    Is Forex Forum helpful in your trading?

    Forex forum is the most active way of learning, here we novice traders can ask any question according to our trading issues! Basically, I joined here without any personally trainer, and then I have learned news trading through using popular Forex communities like EarnForex, I see expert members...
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    Risk In Forex Trading - 5stars Forex Ltd

    The most interesting point is, here I can monitor my risk reward ratio! This is why, I am not scared actually! My trading strategy provides me 70-75% accuracy, and I mostly use 1:3 profit ratio! In addition, I use a fixed risk reward ratio in my live trading (only 1%), as a result I don’t face...
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    Psychology in Forex Trading

    You are absolutely right, maximum novice traders are unable to control their emotions and greed in their early stage of trading because of their low skill on psychological strength on trading! That’s way, I started my live trading with a micro account, and then I used only 0.01 trading lot size...
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    What time frames are better to trade on?

    I am a scalper and M30 is my 1st choice, I always select my entry and exit points according to this useful time frame! In addition, I measure current position on market trend in order to H1 time frame! In addition, I only use these two time frames in my trading! And, I don’t use others trading...
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    Do you prefer high or low volatility?

    News trading is my favorite, that’s way keen volatile market is my 1st choice! But if you are a novice trader and don’t sure about technical and fundamental analysis, then would suggest you to use only non-volatile market! Try to involve here gradually, right now high voltage news sessions are...